Mario Miyamoto creates videos games, he tries

Mario is one of the world’s biggest video game characters. Appearing in multiple video games and movies, Mario has made over 25 billion dollars in sales making him Nintendo’s head character franchise Shigeru Miyamoto. Though Mario is world renown, most people don’t notice its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto was born on November 16, 1952, in Sonobe, Japan. As a child, Miyamoto grew up without toys and television allowing him to widen his imagination. He started to make his own toys using string and rope. He also made pop-up books, puppet shows, and “pretended that there were magical realms hidden behind his room doors…”(Paumgarten). As he grew older, he stopped playing with his imagination and rather started playing outside, in the real world. Shigeru would wander in the forest messing with sticks and leaves until he felt that it was time to go home. When Miyamoto was about 8 years old, he discovered a small hole in the ground. The next day, he came back with a lantern and explored the hole figuring out that it was a small cavern. That summer he returned to the cavern day in and night out “to marvel at the dance of the shadows on the walls.” (Paumgarten). When Miyamoto creates videos games, he tries to relate his childhood experiences to them. When Miyamoto discovered the cavern, he used that and created Mario’s iconic green tube that teleports him to various realms (Paumgarten). Most people believe Donkey Kong, Miyamoto’s first game, was in 1981. The game consisted of a Donkey, a princess, and “Mr. Video” who would later be known as Mario. This was Mario’s first appearance in a video game making “Donkey Kong” the beginning of a multi-billion dollar franchise Shigeru Miyamoto.  Lots of changes were made before he was actually known as Mario. First, it was Mr. Video, Jumpman, then it was changed to Mario. They named him Mario after Mario Segale, a landlord of one of the Nintendo warehouses. When Donkey Kong was first released it didn’t do as good as expected. The arcades were getting thrown out by multiple consoles and the in home computer. People thought that to have another device just to play games was unneeded. Though Nintendo games ran on hardware, making the two seperate but both as best sellers. Miyamoto made Mario’s first game on September 13, 1985. The game was called Super Mario Bros (Shigeru Miyamoto). This game was also huge in the arcade community bringing in 40,000,000 dollars in sales. The game did better than what Miyamoto thought it would, inspiring him to create more. And he did, Miyamoto made multiple more Mario games for the arcade. At the time Mario was the biggest arcade game in sales and popularity. Most designers animate their ideas, but Miyamoto, returning back to his 5 year old self, draws his ideas. Miyamoto thought that to make a good game, he had to portray to the players how to play the game and learn it at the same time. On Mario’s first level, Miyamoto displays the game in a way that allows players to learn and have fun. Miyamoto thought that video games should bring people together rather than bring them apart, and that’s just what he did (Paumgarten). Miyamoto tried his hardest to avoid trends. Meaning he didn’t like online games. He thought by avoiding the trend, his games would be more rare and unique (Paumgarten).  He used this to make even more extraordinary games, like Zelda, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Mario Kart. These games, just like Mario, were huge in the gaming community. After these games blew up, the Nintendo designers decided to make their own gaming system that could be played on the computer and tv. This system was called the Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES for short). Nintendo, actually, was responsible for making many groundbreaking controllers. After the NES, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), being the first controller to have back shoulder buttons. 6 years later Nintendo released Nintendo 64, this controller having the first 360 degree thumbstick and then in 2006, bringing motion control into the mass market (How the).     “Following the death of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Miyamoto was appointed as an acting Representative Director, alongside Genyo Takeda .” Shigeru Miyamoto. From there Miyamoto was determined to make Nintendo better than it already was. With Miyamoto now giving ideas, their video games were blowing off the charts. Miyamoto and his co-workers made multiple spin-offs and recreations to prevent Nintendo fans from losing interest in the classics. Including things like new characters, more game mechanics, and overall better versions.  Miyamoto also encouraged his game developers to create games by first drawing them. Thus, creating games that seem modern, but still have that classic feel to it.     Heading into 2017, Nintendo still has their classics for sale. Currently, Mario is the biggest on the market with over 2 million copies sold on its most current game, Mario Odyssey (Schilling). New systems such as the 3ds and the Nintendo Switch have made playing Nintendo games much 5-year-old. For Shigeru Miyamoto, at 65, he still makes video games. Being in the video game industry since the 1970’s takes a toll on some people, but for Miyamoto, it’s just living his dream, Shigeru Miyamoto.