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Marks and Spencer p.l.c also known as M&S is a multinational retail company founded in 1884, with its head office in London, United Kingdom. It has grown from a single market stall to an international brand and retailer. M&S sells footwear, clothing, furnishings, gifts, home and food, mainly based in the UK on both online and offline. Marks, a merchant, had opened his first shop in Leeds market, selling a variety of cheap merchandises all priced single penny, including hairpins, black lead and dolly dyes. Tom Spencer was the cashier for Leeds textile wholesaler, Isaac Jowitt Dewhirst was a proficient bookkeeper, and he had helped Marks by coaching him English and lending him with small loans. Later Marks moved from Leeds and settled down in Manchester, where he acquired a shop and a home. After his sudden death, his perpetrator, William Chapman became the controlling force in the business.

In 1930, they were more than 19 departments in their store including ladies’, men’s’, boys’ wear, footwear, toys, fancy goods, lightings, China, aluminum ware, gifts and food and etc. By 1974 there were more than 16 overseas stores. M&S acquired so many small stores and into M&S stores. The stores sell footwear, clothing, furnishings, gifts, home appliances, and food with many of these items retailed under M&S’s private-label. M is a public company with a total number of 84,949 employees working and revenue of 10,622 million as of 2017. Currently, M have 900+ stores throughout the UK and 450+ international stores. There are 17 stores in Ireland 48 stores in turkey, 58 in India, 14 in France,11 in Poland and much more in other countries. Expanding their Brands, they have M bank, M gifts, M Energy and M outlet. They also have a big Corporate Social Responsibility project called as PLAN A which was started ten years ago and helping themselves redefining their role of business in Society. Plan A. helped the retailer build a strong brand placing centred on responsible sourcing, waste reduction and community care (Marks & Spencer, 2016). 

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