MEDIUM Traditional media only caters one-way communication that

MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE Introduction  It is said that in the communication process, a medium is a channel or system of communication-the methods by which data is transmitted between a speaker or an author to the audience (Richard Nordquist, 2017). Richard Nordquist (2017) also put forth that message whether it is verbally or non-verbal or both, is the content of the communication process. The communication process is the sender conveys a message to a receiver. Medium is divided into two which is the traditional media and also the new media as to how people want to get their information from. Information here means the message. A short history of “medium is the message”, the title of the book should be “The Medium is the Massage” but the typesetter has made a mistake by typing it as “The Medium is the Message”. The title was suppose to mean that the book should provide informations and as reader you should feel yourself at soothing and relaxing while people provide you info. But it ended meant the other way round. When McLuhan saw that his typer typed the titl of his book wrongly, he did not scold him but he thank him because he now like the “new” name of his book which is “Medium is the Message” (Elena Pierazzo, 2015, p.67). Traditional Media vs New Media According to Grant Christian (2014), traditional media or some may call (refer) it to as old media, was in the advertising/marketing world for ages. When it is related to advertising, traditional media or the old media inclusive of television, newspaper, radio and magazines. Traditional media only caters one-way communication that is less interactive. Grant Christian (2016) also put forth that new media is the future of advertising. New media is consist of all the online streaming such as e-newspaper, e-radio, which is easily accessible via many different forms of digital media. New media is so much more interactive when the audience can give immediate, real time feedbacks.  Dr Mohd Khairie Ahmad an expert of multimedia and communication technology said and has been quoted by Bernama (2017), that “New media could easily make a molehill into a mountain. New media is more personal in nature, and interactive whereby people can exchange comments and also get themselves into debate on a certain issues. It is also enriched with features like video and even live streaming. It reaches out to a large number of audience within a short span of time, thus make a huge impact.” at the Universiti Utara Malaysia’a Advanced Communication Research Unit. Medium is the Message In this study, “message” is refers to the source of information. As in the year of 2017/2018, people tend to choose to get their information via online. Everything has been digitalized as the time passing and the technology has upgrade to a whole new level. We have the new technology which is the smart phones, tablets. phablets, where you can get everything (as in informations/news) just with several tabs.   I agree to the “Medium is the Message” because to this extend when most of people in the world uses Internet as the medium to search for the information which is the message. There are over three billion people all over the world uses Internet, to be exact in the year of 2016, there are three billion, four hundred twenty four million, nine hundred seventy one thousand, two hundred thirty seven (3,424,971,237), this was calculated by the InternetLiveStats (  Asia has the highest number of internet users among all the other region such as Africa, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, Middle East, North America and Oceania/Australia. Over the population of  seven billion, five hundred nineteen million,twenty eight thousand, nine hundred seventy (7,519,028,970) in the world, whereas Asia has over four billion, one hundred forty-eight million, one hundred seventy seven thousand , six hundred seventy two (4,148,177,672) and the Internet users in Asia is one billion, nine hundred thirthy eight million, seventy five thousand, six hundred thirty one (1,938,075,631) almost half of the number of population in Asia within the year of 2017 (Internet World Stats, 2017).  As said by Mitchell, Gottfried, Barthel, Shearer (2016), Americans express a clear preference for getting their news on screen. Television remains the dominant screen, followed by the digital. Television news use is lower among younger adults. About four-in-ten Americans often get news online said Mitchell, Gottfried, Barthel, Shearer (2016).  Mitchell, Gottfried, Barthel, Shearer (2016) put forth that as early of 2016, only two-in-ten U.S. adults often get news from print newspaper and has fallen from 27% in 2013. This decrease happens across all age groups, comparing with print, nearly twice as many adults get their news online either it is from news portal or from news app or even social media. But still TV continues to be the most widely used as a news platform. Again, Mitchell, Gottfried, Barthel, Shearer (2016) say 57% of U.S. adults often get TV-based news either its from local TV, cable, network or some combination of those three. Of all the numbers stated above, it does shows strong reason to why I agree that “Medium is the Message”. As to my (our) knowledge, medium is suppose to be the platforms or even the place to get information. Medium no matter traditional nor new media it is still the medium. Whereas message we can direct is as artifacts, content, informations. Where in this essay I do mention that I mainly focuses on how do people get their information (message) from. Medium as in newspaper, radio, magazine, social media serves information which is the message.  We are in the new era when all that we want (as in information) to know, we can easily grab our phone out and start search for it via Google search, the most popular platform for all of us to search thing. Back then, Google wasn’t a thing, (web 1.0) people tend to use other server to get to the answers to their questions.  As an example, teenagers or even adults this days go on social media to get to know on the latest news on what’s happening to the world. To the extent where “citizen journalist” appears. Back then, there is no such thing as citizen journalist when all the news reported are well known by the journalist since each and one of them are specialized in the specific field they are in.  But in the new era of the digital era, people are even more advanced and even more faster compare to the journalist. This is when the citizen journalist came out. With the arise of social media and also the ‘lie streaming’ thing, people tend to get extra fast when it comes to news or any new thing that is in trend. For example, few months back when there was a massive flood in Penang, the news was first spread by the internet users (netizen) through the own Facebook and Instagram account. It then took the attention of the Penang Chief Minister and went viral all over the net and get attention from all Malaysian citizens.  People get to know the news via Internet, how powerful the Internet is. This does relate back to our main idea of “Medium is the Message”.  How large organization react to the rise of citizen journalist With the arise of Internet and also the citizen journalist, how does the large organization react to them? Before we go deeper on what is citizen journalist, what is citizen journalism in the first place.  Tony Rogers (2018) put forth that citizen journalism are those individuals that is performing the same task as the professional reporters, they report information, they are also known as user-generated content. Tony Rogers (2018) also said that the other main feature of this citizen journalist is that they are usually found online with the emergence of the Internet, this are where the citizen journalism came from.  Now we come to how does large organization react to this citizen journalism, in order to be as powerful as the Internet and the power of citizen journalist, the large organization like The Star has to come out with their own news portal and also website. Apart from that, they also have their own social media now, like Facebook page, Twitter. This is to follow the rise of the Internet and the Internet users who often get their information (message) from the Internet (medium). Apart from that, some of the large organization do collaboration with the citizen journalist, since there are so many of them. How does this works? For example, if the citizens capture any disasters or any newsworthy news, they can submit it to the newsroom but the journalist has to credit from where do they get this news from.   An example of news that was spread through social media by this so called “journalist” was the one when there was a typhoon near the Penang Second Bridge, Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim, it was first recorded by the passerby on the bridge it was then posted on social media and went viral. The news was then verified by the reporters and also was officially published on newspaper. This is also part of the collaboration when the actual professional reporter came to interview the source and verified the news.  Another example of a collaboration of the news from citizen journalist was the one when a drug addict girl in Penang who drove her car in an opposite way of the highway. Due to her reckless way of driving while induced with drug cause accidents and death. This tragedy was recorded by several passerby and uploaded on their social media, this video went viral immediately and people was just so curious to know more about this incident. This news was then again verified by the actual professional reporters and this case was brought up and started with all the court case.  This news went all over the newspaper and was in the front page. It all started just by a video that was posted on social media. Let us just see how powerful the net is. How effective the “viral” thing has made us to know more on what’s happening around us.  Conclusion To conclude this, there is one saying by Marshall McLuhan that says “We shape our tools, and afterwards our tools shape us” – Marshall McLuhan.  It is what basically happening in our world now. When we created all the technologies and now the technology has conquered us. As in, we rely ourselves on technology so much that we tend not to care about the society already. We are grouped based on our interest in the net and we tend to do so in real life too.  Again, to agree with the Medium is the Message, I believe that all of us rely on all mediums in our life to get news, we spread news to various channels. Well, its all good because “medium” is the platform for us to get “message” so I strongly agree with examples stated in subtopics above, that Medium is always the Message.