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Mesbah Sharaf is my favorite and respected professor. He is not only passionate about his teaching and students, but also can mobilize the students’ enthusiasm and independent thinking ability.  Professor Mesbah Sharaf genuinely wants his students to understand and do well in his class. His lecture was always engaging and he does a very good job at explaining the materials.  He explains the concepts in details and does not mind repeating the concepts if hisstudents are not understand him. He clearly explains the course and gives reliable examples. He asks questions during class to develop our critically analyze. His course is full of passion. He always cites many interesting and impressive examples that allow us to understand some complex issues. Any complicated formula can become simple under his analysis. When I understand a complex problem, I am always excited and want to try more problems that are complicated. His way of thinking often affect me and let me know that I can think about things in different ways. ?In addition, Professor Mesbah Sharaf makes me feel I am learning not just memorizing. As a professor, He wants us to combined real-life cases and theories in his lectures. Many students just rote and do not think how to combine theory with real life.  When we took his exam of econ385, Instead of letting us write the theory directly, He gives us a theory that allows us to list which examples of real life can respond well to this theory. Many students don’t know how to answer the question. I learned a lesson through that exam.  Learning is not just memorizing and you have to develop your independent thinking.  Furthermore, Professor Mesbah Sharaf is always enthusiastic about his work and genuinely about his students. He always sacrifices his time to help student.  When the two lectures he taught in succession, he often used the only ten minutes in between to answer the students’ question patiently.  During the exam period, he would hold many office hours before exams for extra help and encourage you to visit him during the office hour answering questions and going over practice questions.  It’s a well-known rule not to play cell phones in Professor Mesbah Sharaf’s class. Every one obeys the rules well.  As an international student, he always takes good care of us. He will use some simple words to make us understand. He will impress us with some lovely body language. He learns some simple language of our country and blesses us in some important festivals.  Love is mutual; we loved him as much as he gave us love. You are more likely to listen to someone who loves you like Professor MesbahSharaf.Professor Mesbah Sharaf influenced me a lot, he convinced me to major in Economics. When I first met him in the economics 102, I thought he was very different from other professors. Some professors only read the PPT during the lecture, but he leads us to take the class notes. He will remind us when to put down the pen and listen to him carefully and when to take notes. With his help, I know how to become an independent learner. I have the ability to grasp the key point and outline notes. This makes my study effectively.  He is also a professor who can bring me motivation. I remember my first exam of econ 385 was not good.  When he saw my grades, he sincerely said to me: “you can do better next time.”  I always keep this in my mind. His words inspired me to study harder. Under Professor Mesbah Sharaf’s leadership, I have the ability to think independently and the effective learning method. This is my most valuable asset. He opened the door to my study progress. He turned me from a student who has not enough learning ability into a student who can study independently. His influence on me is beyond words. He is a person who can make you feel confident about yourself. I sincerely hope that more students can get to know him, especially some students with insufficient learning ability. He is a good teacher who can change your life!