2. design department shall prepare the bar

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

Contract specifications

3. Tools/Equipment Required:

Bar bending machine, PVC mandrills, nylon slings and cutting machine.

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4. Procedure / Method:

Re bars supplied will be laid out and stored properly at the yard size wise, and proper care shall be taken to avoid its contact with earth. Material Inspection Request to be filled and signed by the Client (ICC-F-45).

Bending schedule from the Client will be followed, if provided. Otherwise, design department shall prepare the bar bending schedule (ICC-F-46, ICC-F-45) which shall be submitted for Client’s approval.

On receipt of approval, bending of re bars will be carried out and the prepared reinforcements shall be stacked properly with tags for proper identification. Care will be taken to ensure that the steel reinforcements are rust free. If required, wire brushing will be done as required by the Client.

F or epoxy coated re bars, after bending them, the cracks of the coating if any shall be repaired with repair kit before placing.

After placing the re bars in position it will be tied with epoxy coated/annealed Binding wire to form the reinforcement for the structure. It will be inspected and approved before pouring the concrete.

Check for Steel Reinforcement:

1. Size of Bars.

2. Spacing/Numbering of bars.

3. Proper teeing/Binding by using PVC coated binding wire.

4. Plastic/Concrete spacers of suitable size and spacing.

5. Correct overlapping of re bars and its position, (avoid at mid span).

6. Height of main bars, to check if enough length is available for overlap for next stage.

7. Suitable supports to keep the steel in position.

8. Provision of service holes where required, (All services).

9. Any additional bars – Keep note.