Method Statement for Block Works in a Quality Management System

2. Relevant Process/Specifications:

Tender Specifications

3. Plants & Equipments:

Masonry equipments, scaffoldings with platform, plumb bob, straight edge, mobile mechanical mixer, and measurement boxes.

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4. Procedure:

Prior to the commencement of all construction activities, necessary work permits shall be obtained.

All materials identified for the permanent works shall be approved by the Company, prior to the procurement.

All HSE activities related to the Project, will be based on the Company issued HSE Management System Guidelines.

All quality assurance and quality control activities will be in line with the specified requirements of the contract

5. Execution:

All materials and workmanship used in block work shall be as per approved specifications. Solid/hollow blocks (standard finish or fair faced) will be procured from approved manufacturer on approval of the material by Company.

All block work shall be fully set out before lying commences to ensure correct bonding, minimum cutting tolerances and the average thickness of vertical and horizontal joints.

All blocks shall be well soaked before using and the tops of walls left from the previous day’s work shall be dampened before the new work commences.

The mortar used for block work shall be cement/sand in the ratio 1:3 or 1:4 as specified.

The cement used shall be ordinary Portland cement and sand shall be 02mm crushed/natural sand as specified by Company.

The materials shall be batched using appropriate boxes and water shall be added to get the desired consistency and workability.

Batching shall be carried out using mobile mechanical mixer if the quantity is more or by hand mixing if the quantity is less.

All bed and vertical joints shall be spread fully with mortar to ensure complete and solid bedding.

All keys in joined surface shall be completely filled.

On internal vertically non-reinforced walls, a layer of expanded metal reinforcement shall be used every fourth course or as specified and also on the construction of previously laid course.

Each block shall be adjusted in its final position in the wall while the mortar is still plastic. All prepared end corners and joints shall be kept true and square, other angles shall be in plumb and bed joints leveled as the work proceeds.

All block walls shall be bonded to columns by means of 20 cm long galvanized angle ties, which are previously cast in the concrete or screwed to structure. The ties shall be 8-12 cm embedded in to the wall at the rate of one tie for each two courses or as specified.

The walls shall be cured by spraying water for a minimum period of 3 days.