2. Access platform (with ledgers/standards and wooden planks)

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

Tender Specifications

3. Plants & Equipments:

Theodolite/dumpy level, leveling staff, loader, plate/roller compactor, air compressor and jackhammer, hand tools, excavator, dump truck, etc

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4. Procedure:

Prime importance shall be given for personnel and protection of utility lines/services. It shall be ensured that the personnel involved are aware about the Safety regulations and that the machineries are regularly maintained.

All excavation works shall be commenced only after obtaining necessary work permits from the Company. Stepping, shoring and shuttering shall be provided for all excavations beyond 1- inerter depth and depending on the soil strata.

Warning tapes will be fixed all along the cable trench on either sides or night flashlights will be displayed at specified intervals. Access platform (with ledgers/standards and wooden planks) shall be provided across the trenches wherever required as per safety requirement.

Existing Services and Facilities:

Before commencement of the work, ascertain the nature and location of all existing above and underground services on site by visual survey and reviewing the service layout drawing (if available).

During excavation if any underground existing services like cables/pipelines are encountered which are not shown on the drawings, the excavation work will be suspended and these items will be brought to the attention of Company authorities immediately and the work will only continue as per the instruction of Company

5. Execution:

Interlocking concrete tiles shall be approved by the Company, prior to the procurement and supplied by the approved manufacturer.

Color and thickness of the tiles shall be in accordance with the drawings and specifications.

Sub grade shall be prepared by leveling and compact the graded surface to attain the required degree of compaction of the maximum dry density

Install the kerbstones to the required level and plumb, as shown in the drawings. Ensure that the kerbstones are procured from the approved manufacturer after the approval of Company.

Proper Hunching with mass concrete shall be provided for the Kerb stones as per the approved finishing details.

Upon completion of necessary curing period, back filling will be carried out by the sides of the kerbs. Care should be taken to avoid any disturbance in the alignment of kerbs during Compaction.

Sub base shall be of approved material and minimum 150 mm thick compacted to 95% of MDD (or as specified). It shall be spread evenly, watered, shaped and graded to the required grade and cross section.

Provide laying course with approved coarse sand (0-5 mm) to a minimum thickness of 50 mm. It shall be laid evenly and compacted to the specified compaction.

Lay the paving blocks in Herringbone pattern unless otherwise shown on the drawings. Ensure that the joints between blocks shall not exceed 3 mm.

Compact the laid blocks using plate compactor, after each 20 sqm of lying.

Brush fine sand over the paving, half filling the joints, the top half of the joints shall be filled with betonies or any approved material and use plate vibrator for further compaction.

Upon compaction of the activity, all the surplus material and debris will be removed from the affected area and the area will be cleaned.