2. mix proportion specified on volume basis

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

Contract specifications

3. Tools/Equipment Required:

Masonry tools, straight edge, spirit level, plumb bob, mobile mechanical machine, scaffoldings with working platform, gauge box. Rushing machine, measuring jar

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4. Procedure/Method:

Cement, sand, water, admixtures bonding agent etc., to be used shall be as specified and approved.

Concrete fins/excess mortar from the substrate shall be removed. Smooth concrete surfaces shall be hacked for better bonding.

Before commencement of plastering, check and ensure that, the joints between different materials (other than between main RCC members and block walls) shall be properly reinforced, where final surface is required to be flat.

This is applicable where wall stiffeners, concrete frames, door jambs etc., and similar situations where possibility of crack development exists. Suitable metal accessories like expanded metal lathe, galvanized angle bead, stopper bead etc., shall be fixed as required.

The substrate shall be netted before the application of key coat.

The material for the key coat shall be the mixture of cement, water and bonding agent in specified proportion.

Mixed cement slurry shall be applied on the substrate by a rushing machine. Care shall be taken to get uniform textured key coat. It shall be cured for minimum 2 days/ as specified before plastering.

Key coated surface shall be wetted immediately before the plastering.

The mortar for the plaster shall be mixed in a mixer machine as per the mix proportion specified on volume basis by using gauge box and measuring jar. The quantity of mortar to be prepared at a time shall depend upon the quantity to be consumed within the initial setting time of mortar.

The prepared mortar shall be applied in coats, compacted and finished (as per approved finishing schedule) to get a leveled, flat surface.

The plastered surface shall be cured well for a period of 3 days or as specified.