2. the compressor during the grit blasting operation.

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

Corporate work instructions

3. Definitions:

Company: M/s. IOC

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Contractor: Indian Construction Company

Project: Demolition and Reconstruction of Damaged Bridges

4. Responsibility:

1. The Project Engineer and Site Foremen are responsible for the field activities.

2. All HSE activities related to the project will be based on the company issued HSE Management System guidelines.

3. Safety Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that the necessary work permits are obtained prior to commencement of works and will ensure that the works are being carried out in Safe Manner.

5. Plant and Equipments:

Grit blasting pot and accessories, Air compressor, Grit blaster’s personnel protective equipments.

6. Work Procedure:

Necessary work permit will be obtained prior to start of Grit blasting operation.

Adequate lighting and ventilation will be ensured during the grit blasting operation.

Necessary scaffolding will be erected and approved by Safety Officer.

Tarpaulin screen barrier along the scaffolding will be provided for protecting the persons working in vicinity.

All the grit blaster will wear necessary PPE’s for their protection.

Prior to start of Grit blasting activity all the equipment will be thoroughly checked and approval shall be obtained from Company’s Safety Department.

Trained operator will be available full time basis for operating the compressor during the grit blasting operation. Trained signalman will work along with grit blasters for communication between compressor operator and the Grit blaster.

During the grit blasting entire area will be barricaded and caution board for ‘Grit blasting operation in progress’ will be displayed.