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Milk should not be consumed by humans because of added and natural hormones. It is not uncommonly known that milk has other things in it besides nutrients and natural fats. Many do not know that there is stuff added into milk that is not suppose to be there. Milk is consumed in large portions everyday wether it’s in schools or grocery stores. Many really just do not know what they are actually drinking and many of these people do not want to know because they just want to keep drinking milk without any complications. Since milk is drank in large portions everyday it makes a need for the government and farmers to find a way to produce more milk than a cow can produce naturally. Hormones are added to milk and the cows so they can produce more and more. Not only is this detrimental to the cows causing stress but it also causes many effects in humans. Hormones are known to cause acne which is normally seen as signs of puberty in young children. These hormones have been known to cause children to hit puberty earlier and earlier every year. These hormones are not just from milk but other foods are modified so there is larger quantities. Milk is a large portion of children’s diets though because of it being served at school. The consumption of milk grow every year which causes more hormones than the year before to be added.    The hormones added to milk are also known to cause many other problems. Many studies have shown that certain types of cancers can be caused by the consumption of milk over time. Prostate cancer in men can be caused by the consumption of milk. Since the hormones added in milk can be to much of one hormone in the body it causes tumors. In older women, especially toward menopause, endotemetrial cancer can occur. Normally women get into the later stages of life not even knowing they have the cancer because symptoms occur after menopause. Thyroid diseases have also been linked to the consumption of milk. Some of these things that can be caused by the consumption of milk is very alarming especially towards people who may have some of these symptoms and just did not know what it could do to their bodies.