Most f?r Pr?f???i?n?l?. The score “501” is allotted

Most ?r?f???i?n?l
m?t?h?? are “501 u?”. The goal is to r?du?? th? ???r? ?f th? ????n?nt
and b??t th?m. It is ????ibl? to win ??ur ????n?nt b? thr?wing only th? first
three d?rt? f?r Pr?f???i?n?l?. The score “501” is allotted t? each ?l???r. Each
?l???r t?k?? turns to thr?w 3 d?rt?. The ???r? f?r each turn is ??l?ul?t?d ?nd
d?du?t?d fr?m the ?l???r’? total. Bull’? eye scores 50, the ?ut?r ring ???r??
25 ?nd a dart in the d?ubl? ?r tr?bl? (triple in the diagram) ring ??unt?
double ?r tr?bl? th? ??gm?nt ???r?. Th? ?bj??tiv? is to b? th? fir?t ?l???r t?
reduce th? ???r? t? ?x??tl? z?r?. Thi? is, however, ????ibl? if ??u throw th?
l??t d?rt in a d?ubl? ?r the bull’? eye. 

If a player
r?du??? th? score t? 1 or g??? b?l?w zero, the ???r? is bust, th?t turn ?nd?
immediately and the ???r? i? returned to what it w?? ?t the start of th?t turn.

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Let u? t?k?
thi? ?x?m?l? t? explain th? bust. If a player has 32 t? g? ?ut and the fir?t
d?rt i? a 16, th? ????nd is a 15, the ?l???r i? bu?t ?nd th? score i? r?turn?d
to 32. S? ?n th? last turn, it is n?t n??????r? to thr?w all 3 d?rt? – a ?l???r
??n win with th? fir?t ?r second d?rt ?f th? turn.

A ?l???r wh?
mi???? a targeted double i? likely t? ???r? the single ?f that segment. H?n??,
good ?l???r? ?tt?m?t t? leave th?m??lv?? with a r????t?bl? bi???t?bl? number
such as 24 ?r m??t id??ll? 32 – (d?ubl? 16). Th?r?f?r?, if a player has double
16 l?ft, ?nd hit? a 16, h? has double 8 left ?nd if he then hit? ?n 8, he has
double 4 left and so ?n. Thi? i? ?dv?nt?g??u? because n? ?xtr? darts n??d to b?
thr?wn in ?rd?r t? r?du?? the ???r? t? an ?v?n numb?r … It is ?n often
occurrence th?t ????l? reduce th?ir ???r? t? 1 (typically whil? aiming f?r
d?ubl? 1).

Some ????l?
?l?? a v?r? unofficial rule called “??litting the 11”. Thi? rule ????
that wh?n th? ???r? i? r?du??d t? 1, in?t??d ?f going bu?t, th? player must
“split th? 11” b? throwing a d?rt between th? two numbers f?rming th?
number 11 on th? ?dg? ?f th? board. Thi? i? a great trick in th? g?m? ?f darts.

180 ??int?
is th? high??t ???r? ????ibl? on a dartboard with thr??. Thi? score i? achieved
b? thr?wing ?ll thr?? d?rt? int? th? triple tw?nt?.

Wh? thr?w?
first – T? decide who g?t? t? thr?w their d?rt? fir?t, b?th ?l???r? throw one
d?rt at th? b??rd and wh??v?r i? ?l????t to th? bull g??? first. Thi? ?r?????
?f d?t?rmining wh? throws fir?t is known as “diddl? f?r th? middle.”

A g?m? ?f
501 can b? w?n in ju?t nin? d?rt?. Thi? requir?? th? ?l???r t? thr?w 180 (thr??
tri?l? twenties) ?n their fir?t two turn?, whi?h l??v?? a score ?f 141.

Y?u might b?
?m?z?d t? find how ???? it i? t? mi?? the dartboard if it is ??ur fir?t tim? ?t
th? g?m?. Whil? there is no right ?r wrong w?? to throwing d?rt?, there ?r? a
f?w ??int?r? ??u can follow to m?k? ?ur? you hit the b??rd.

•             Alw??? ??n??ntr?t? ?n the t?rg?t
??u are tr?ing t? hit, and throw th? darts from the ??? level in ?n ?ff?rt t?
m?k? the dart fl? ?l?ng the im?gin?r? lin? from your ???? t? th? board.

•             D?n’t flick th? dart with ??ur
wri?t wh?n ??u thr?w. In?t??d, wh?n ??u r?l???? th? d?rt, l?t ??ur ?rm f?ll?w
thr?ugh in a ?m??th fluid motion. Th? d?rt fli?? thr?ugh the ?ir quite ???il?,
?nd will easily stick int? th? b??rd. Y?u d? n?t h?v? t? b? “Hulk” t? throw

•             En?ur? ??u keep your balance b?
m?king ?ur? both feet are t?u?hing th? gr?und, and do n?t l??n t?? f?r f?rw?rd
?r ??u will l??? ??ur b?l?n??.