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Most of the people invest by watching benchmark and only thing they want to see is More Wealth. But they are clueless about what’s happening around and actual growth. They might have some idea but mostly don’t know about anything. Most of the people don’t invest for goal they just invest for more money without thinking anything. It’s like shooting in dark

                        In the world of financial advice, we are seeing a new trend toward goals-based investing. This type of investment mainly focus on the achieving goals like Child’s future, secure retirement and wealth creation along with real estate investing through savings. In your Goal based investment scheme you should have good adviser. Investment advisors work as professionals within the financial industry by providing guidance to clients in exchange for specific fees. Often, investment advisors have a level of discretionary authority, allowing them to act of the behalf of their clients without having to obtain formal permission prior to executing an action. At BM Fiscal Point Advisors Pvt Ltd , we provide you with the most innovative and customized Wealth Management solutions. We have over 50 years of experience in handling corporate, HNI, NRI’s wealth diversified over various asset classes such as Indian equities, International equities, debt products, mutual fund advice, real estate etc.

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A simple task of writing down your goals (short term 0-1 year, mid-term up to 5 years and long-term 10 years and more) and calculating how much entity or money would be required to meet these goals can work wonders. An investment advisor who has sufficient assets to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is known as a Certified Financial advisor.

Goal-based financial planning helps you invest in a systematic and disciplined manner to achieve your goals. It encourages you stay engaged and unaffected by the unpredictability in the value markets. When you reach your goal, you should start shifting your target corpus to safer assets. For example, if you have invested in a diversified equity fund for a long-term goal, you can switch your corpus to liquid or debt funds as you approach your goal. Since equity funds invest in markets, any correction in the market would risk your portfolio and hence by your goal. BM Fiscal Point is joint venture between BM Financial Advisors and Fiscal Point Consultants Pvt Ltd, two successfully running Wealth Management companies in India. Together we manage about 80 million USD of retail HNI wealth and about 200 million USD of Institution and Corporate Wealth. Our comprehensive and research backed range of products and services embrace all assets classes. Our key attribute and differentiator has been our proactive, advisory approach. At BM Fiscal Point we provide you with the best technology backed platforms ensuring clients’ experience hassle free and paperless transactions.

To sum up, goal-based investing involves these important five steps:

1) Identify and prioritize goals

2) Identify the resources required to meet goals

3) Decide asset allocation

4) Choose the right investments/products

5) Review and revisit goals.