Mostly silver because men prefer the color silver

Mostly men are wearing cuff links these days. But do you know that ladies do also wear them? During the Victorian era, women were seen wearing cuff links to their dresses with long sleeves. To add glamour to their attire and to show their status in the society, Victorian women wear cuff links engraved with their family’s insignia or initials and are embellished by precious stones.Today, cuff links designers and engravers are still making engraved cuff links. This is because many people still pre-order engraved cuff links to give to people that they know or love as gifts. Companies also pre-order engraved cuff links in bulk as gifts to deserving employees, managers, and clients. Most of the time companies request that the initial or logo of their company be reflected on their engraved cuff links.Color of Engraved Cuff LinksAlthough women these days also wear engraved cuff links, it is still fewer compared to the number of engraved cuff links user during the Victorian era. So, the most popular color of engraved cuff links today is sterling silver because men prefer the color silver than gold. Sterling silver engraved cuff links really do look good on men, especially if they are wearing a navy blue suit with a tie in the hue of blue. However, if a man is wearing a black suit and a red or orange to dark yellow tie, he should wear a gold colored engraved cuff links. A silver sterling engraved cuff links won’t match the reddish to yellow hue of the tie.There is also a blue colored engraved cuff links although. It is actually made from stainless steel that has been machine colored to show off that hint of blue color. This kind of engraved cuff links are best for daily wear since they are less expensive than gold or sterling silver cuff links.   But these kinds of engraved cuff links (colored stainless steel, either in blue, red or green) do not look good when worn in a black suit or black tie on a special occasion such as wedding or evening formal party. Even if your suit is an Armani, you will look as though your ‘Armani’ was just bought from a bazaar and was not actually an Armani but merely an imitation.What Design Should Be EngravedIt depends upon the person who will use it. If you will attend a party or wedding with a certain thing, say a vintage party or wedding, you can ask the cuff links maker to engrave your cuff links that will make you look like a man that stepped out from a Charles Dickens novel.Another alternative is to engrave your initials or your logo, if you have one. You can create a design for your initials or logo using a text or photo editor like MS Word or Photoshop. Then hand on to your cuff links engraver the logo that you created and ask him to copy it exactly on the cuff links’ surface.You cannot add engraving design on a cuff links with designs that functions such as watch cuff links, compass cuff links or thermometer cuff links. Your cuff links will look overly embellished. Save your other designs for another set of cuff links.