Name is the most exposed to television and

Name of the Author(s) 

Sunita Kumar

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Year of publication


Title of paper

Influence of Product Placements in Films and Television on consumer brand awareness

Theoretical Framework

The reminder effect of product placement,An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 

Objective of paper

To explore the degree of brand awareness created by product placements in the minds of the viewers
To determine the effect of product placement on the buying and consumption pattern of the viewers

Variables identified

Detailed Questionnaire and response from 170 respondents

Research Method

Quantitative(graphs,charts,tables,descriptive statistics) and qualitative(analysis,questionnaire)

Sampling method and size

          A sample size of 170 participants have been undertaken for this research.
The target sample includes respondents from both genders ageing from 18-50 years as this age group is the most exposed to television and film viewing. This will also give us an idea how different age groups get affected by various product placements. 

Data analysis method

       Data is  cleaned, transformed, analyzed and ready for modelling. First, we have build a model to assess the importance of each individual feature on the dependent variable “Brand Awareness Score” and then the combination of features on the dependent variable, “Brand Awareness Score” is measured using Association Analysis technique. 


The responses are maximum from female gender and in both gender age range 20-29 is dominating. The overall mean is equal to 2.78 that signals a positive trend. The Analysis happened from multidimensional as well as with other questions’ responses. The distribution of Brand Awareness score is Normal with few outliers. It means that general responses have some consistent trends. The top three important responses impacting “Brand Awareness Score” are “I get positively influenced by a product placement when my favorite celebrity is associated with it”, “The presence of branded products in movies and TV make it more realistic” and “I get inclined to buy a product when I see it in a movie or TV show”. The least important features are “Age”, “Do you watch reality shows on television”, “Gender” and “How often do you watch TV shows every month”


Product placement is very minimal in Indian fictional shows
People may misunderstand tv ads as product placements on television
They can easily be seen as disruptive market tools
A sample 170 respondents may be very less for the study

Future research direction

. For further studies, a detailed research could be done with regard to what kind of product placements are impactful on the viewers and what elements cause disturbance to the viewers. This may also include the variables that are strong enough to induce viewers to buy the product, which is shown as a product placement. Also, care needs to be taken as to avoid what the viewers find completely inappropriate to watch onscreen. This may include a study on their culture and traditions as well. A study could also be done on the various advertising media that induce consumer purchases and how much of these purchases are induced by product placements in films and television. This study may help marketers to develop new kinds of product placements, which are more influential in nature.