Name: .NET framework which helps Engineering student to


Course: Computer Systems
Technician-Networking  (Georgian college)

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I have always had a deep-seated
interest in the field of computers and have aimed to remodel my understanding
of the same. I aspire to be transformed into software developer and collaborate
with one of the reputed MNC’s of India. After scrutinizing my interest, this
had led me to enrol myself in the Georgian college for computer Systems Technician-Networking 
to get deep-rooted knowledge of the computer technology and excel my educational

As for my academics, I have
completed my secondary education from G.S.E.B and higher secondary education
from G.S.H.E.B with 79.86  and 68.29 Percentile Rank respectively.
After which I have completed my Bachelor’s of Computer engineering from Gujarat
Technological University with 7.40 CGPA. Apart from this  I have worked on one project called E-Books Combo using .NET framework  which 
helps Engineering student to get all academic material and also  build network with other engineering
student  during their study. Furthermore,
I have attended various seminars on computer technology;  Attend Expert lacture on networking system and also participated in Hardware and Network Systems training conducted by ORACLE and acquire practical knowledge
through training of computer system Network
under taken by Collabera Technologies.

During my curriculum the subjects
which I have studied in my college education served me the very strong
theoretical base knowledge which I believe ,will help me in my forthcoming
venture. However, this course is circumscribed to indigenous markets and
conditions; to become a part of this evolving world the ongoing  level is not gratifying.  For that reason, to fill the breach (gap) of
hand-on experience that assist the progress of implication of theory, I intuit
to study in Canada at Georgian collage with the computer Systems Technician-Networking course.

When narrowing down to colleges and universities,
I have come to learn that the Georgian College is one of the largest, most variegated and highly respected collages
in Canada. I have also been astonished by facilities provided by the collage
for this course. Moreover this course brings participants from all over the
world, so I would develop an international network as well as I would be in
contact with diverse culture and also developed my skills. To add on that
Canadian culture is more diverse and vibrant and Canada is a batter option as
it has developed a first-rate education system with high standards and global

colleges provide collaborative programs offering hands-on learning combined
with a more theoretical approach which make it the best destination to pursue
tertiary education overseas under esteemed professors. After the completion of
the studies I will be proficient enough to serve my country by bagging good
position in MNC’s of my country as India
is known as the fastest growing IT industry in the world.

would be honored if you provide me this golden opportunity to study in one of
the most renowned collage which shall help me in enhance my skills and
achieving my goals and hope that you find me deserving and creditable
candidate. In case of any queries please contact me at [email protected] .


Hardikkumar Prajapati