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Ninh Binh Cuisine Review – Top dishes must-eat in Ninh Binh Vietnam


Famous for not only a lot of attractive and meaningful destinations such as Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh – Trangan, Cuc Phuong National Park, Phat Diem Cathedral and many more, Ninh Binh Vietnam is also an ideal place for tourists wishing to explore the unique cuisine. Let me show you some experience and review of Ninh Binh cuisine to have a great trip to this historical and cultural land.

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There are many useful things to do in Ninh Binh Vietnam, but if you forget its cuisine with lots of amazing local dishes, it is such a big pity. And here are 8 must-try dishes in Ninh Binh.


1.    Ninh Binh Goat Meat

Ninh Binh Mountain Goat is the popular name of food specialties made from goat meat in the limestone mountain of Ninh Binh such as the goat’s hotpot or grilled goat meat. Together with the burned rice, Ninh Binh goat meat is listed on the “Top 50 Vietnamese specialties” by the Vietnam Record Center on September 7, 2012.

The goat meat is popular everywhere, but tourists are often served with raised goat meat. However, coming to Ninh Binh, you can enjoy a totally different goat meat – low fat, fresh and aromatic meat.

It is said that because there are many limestone mountains, goats run more and more so muscles are firmer than goats grazing on the hill. On the other hand, with the characteristic terrain of limestone karst, there are many kinds of vegetables and herbs for goat’s food such as gizzard, which makes the quality and taste of goat meat more appealing. Also the “processing” secret is the main reason differentiating Ninh Binh’s goat meat from the other’s and making a local specialty built into its culinary brand.

Rare Goat Meat in Ninh Binh

As Ninh Binh seems to be a tourism city, visitors can try this dish in many restaurants at different prices, from luxurious to reasonable ones.


2.    Ninh Binh Burned Rice

Being on “Top 10 famous specialties in Vietnam” by The Asian Regiment in 2012 and “Top 15 dishes received Asia record” by Vietkings (Vietnam Record Organization), it is understandable when Ninh Binh burned rice is one of the most favorite dishes of both locals and visitors.

The processing is quite simple but it needs skillful hands of the locals to have the typical taste. Burned rice is in round shaped of steamed rice. They are fried in hot oil to become yellow and crunchy. This dish is more amazing when it is served with the mixture of beef’s heart, spices, kidney and several appealing ingredients such as mushroom or onion.

Ninh Binh Burned Rice


3.    Ninh Binh Eel Vermicelli

Another must-try dish in Ninh Binh is Eal Vermicelli (Mien Luon). Also made from vermicelli and eel, but the eel in Ninh Binh is remarkably delicious and different from other regions. The eel meat is rimmed according to their own recipe, so when you eat the eel, it is sweet, not too fat.


Ninh Binh Eel Vermicelli

When eating eel
noodles with banana flowers taken from the forest, and other species like
herbs, shrimped sauce or pepper and lemon juice, visitors can enjoy a mix of
appealing taste.


4.    Wine sticky Kim Son

Wine? Yes, when talking about Wine sticky, Vietnamese people will definitely think about this specialty of Kim Son province. It is made from the seeds of the sticky yellow flowers in the area of the Red River delta. Under the skillful hand of the locals, combined with natural pure water, the wine has a different taste and it is extremely easy to recognize.

5.    Goi Ca Nhech, Kim Son

Anything else? Goi Ca Nhech is also a specialty of Ninh Binh; however, tourists should try this salad in Kim Son. From the first spoon of Nhech, you can enjoy the amazing aroma of fried sticky rice, and the mix of light sour of vinegar to the spicy of lemongrass, pepper, garlic, ginger or chili – An unforgettable taste – I bet.

Goi Ca Nhech

As one of the famous culinary specialties of Ninh Binh, Nhech salad makes visitors feel heartbreaking, eat once and never forget that flavor.


6.    Oc Nui – Mountainous snails

I am sure that only Ninh Binh serves this dish because Oc Nui just appears in Tam Diep town, Ninh Binh. And it is only available from April to August (in rainy season) when these snails crawl to feed and reproduce.

This is also a healthy food as snails eat wild plants including even the valuable medicinal plants. Mountainous snails’ meat is chewy, sweet and crispy so besides boiled dishes, you can taste other luscious ones such as stir-fried with chili, grilled or ginger steamed snails or mixed salad.

Oc Nui


7.    Nem Yen Mac

This is a well-known dish in Ninh Binh for a long time. Now it is becoming popular for tourists in the menu of many restaurants. It is served with lettuce or mint, and wrapped in guava leaf, herbs and dipped in fish sauce mixed with chopped garlic or pepper. Yen Mac is famous for its traditional spring rolls made from pork.

Nem Yen Mac


The raw material for making this spring roll is simple, but the processing is extremely demanding to make the spring rolls with the characteristic pink color of the pork. The fermented pork rolls must be of high quality, good taste, fresh colors, even slices to be kept for a week without degeneration of quality.

The production process must be strict to the formula to get the best taste and quality. So I recommend it as gifts for your friends or family.

8. Perch sour soup – Canh Chua Ca Ro

Perch sour soup (Canh Chua Ca Ro) is also the specialty of Ninh Binh with luscious and unique taste. When trying this dish, you can enjoy the sweet flavor with the sour pickles, the fresh tomatoes and crunchy perch. A lot of taste vary in your mouth, that’s amazing, right?

Perch Sour Soup

These above are top 8 must-eat dishes when visiting Ninh Binh, let’s enjoy them, have a great trip and get a deeper understanding of a new land, a new culture with luscious cuisine. But first, let’s consult this list to be a Ninh Binh foodie.


Description: Are you wondering about Ninh Binh cuisine? Whether you get anything unique and special to taste? Do not worry, let me show you the food heaven of this amazing land.