Ola! and my least favourite is Blob!

Ola! My name is Professor Pizza! My sobriquet is pizzy, you’re probably wondering how I look and what is my job, well the bottom of my hair is pink, I love wearing shirts with humongous pizzas on it, i’m 17 years old and only as tall as a donkey well a little higher and I wear blue contact lenses because if I didn’t have them I would be squinting a lot! Well my job is a scientist who experiments on pizza! Some of my problems that I talk in a nanosecond (really fast) and with a squeaky voice. My major accomplishment is that I found the scientific way to make the world’s best pizza (not to brag, but I know right isn’t that awesome!). My favourite food is pizza and my least favourite is smarties. My favourite food is pizza because it was the first thing I ate and the only thing I will eat ! Hmm, my favourite relative I think has to be Professor Smarties and my least favourite is Blob! She’s my favourite relative because she has the same hobby except we experiment on different things. I think my favourite famous person is Jiff Pom the dog, cause he knows how to dab,and my least favourite is Thingamajig. You might be thinking what’s my favourite hobby well it’s talking a lot , your also probably thinking in your mind “she’s probably so annoying” well, you would have to get used to it once you actually meet me. My least favourite is reading, I think reading is just not right for a scientist like me , I’d rather learn physically. I don’t really like sports but if I had to pick a favourite one it would be tennis because you get to work in a team, and my least favourite would be hockey, I think it’s just too dangerous for my demeanor (personaly). My favourite person would be Professor Emoji and my least favourite person is Thingamajig she’s my favourite person because she loves EMOJIS. I don’t like books but my favourite is The Wonders Of Nothing because its about nothing, and my least favourite is The Wonders Of Everything. I go to school and the name of the school is Gummy Bear Secondary School. My favourite subject is art and science because you get to be creative and my least favourite is math. I like to wear a shirt with pizzas on it and jeans . I don’t really like wearing skirts and high heels. Something you should know about me is that i’m clumsy and very messy, and some people make fun of me because I like pizza so much, so I get really intense. Sometimes I need someone to talk to because everyone I know lives far away. I told you a lot about myself and you’re probably getting bored (i hope not) so bye!