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On the other hand, liberalists view anarchy as an opportunity for states to come together and negotiate, setting up rules and regulations such as treaties that suits everyone and will overall help and benefit the world. Through support and teamwork, states can assist one another to overcome conflicts and issues. Liberalists do not view anarchy as something that will cause hatred, rivalry and violence between world actors, but rather it will help bring them together and deal with matters through joint effort and teamwork.


We have gathered and established that anarchy is a society without government. However, is the subjugation of government possible, necessary, or even sensible? What is government? Government is a collective of individuals who have the right to govern a state or country. The government can be governors, kings, presidents, ministers and members of parliament etc. they are the ones who have the power to make laws, to control and the affairs between people and to enforce respect and obedience to these laws. It the government that creates war and peace with other countries (Malatesta 1907). So, it leaves us with the question of, what even is the purpose for the existence of government? To give a complete stranger power to govern your life and the lives of others. They’re not gifted, not born with the talent to govern so why put them in that position? Why hand them that power? For what? So, they can control what we can and can’t do? Inject negativity in or brains about other religions and cultures and cause hatred and conflict? What good comes out of this? The world is still not a safe place to live in so clearly, they’re not doing a good job.

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Though the ideology of Anarchy may not seem like a bad idea, it doesn’t necessarily work out in our favour. Without an appropriate scheme or system in place, there would be no such thing as true and false, crimes would be committed without punishment, there would be no one to settle any disputes among the people or states. Social-contract theorists, Thomas Hobbes and Jon Locke have examined that, without leadership, government and laws in place, individuals will violate and enslave one another, but with laws in place, there is guaranteed to be a refined and civilised living where the freedom and rights of the people are not threatened. People would be obliged to follow and obey the commandments of the state, from selfishness and also becoming mindful of the fact that anarchy is corrupt and would lead into a ‘civil war of each against all’ (Hobbes).