“Our The mentality of people today will have

“Our capital
city creates over 9,500 tonnes (TPD) of garbage every day. However, once the
garbage leaves our dustbins, the journey of our waste is deemed a waste.”



Do you
identify this as a problem? Give reasons ?

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Yes indeed, waste management is a global issue and we are all
deeply concerned about the fact that 83% of the waste globally ends up in
landfills across the world. A vast majority of the waste also gets dumped in
oceans creating garbage patches in areas of international waters. Moreover,
mountains of debris are formed which pollute our natural resources and disturb
our way of life. The steady increase in population globally has also increased
the amount of disposal which is now a severe threat to our environment and
endangers the existence of many species. This change also affects our life,
primarily because harm to physical environment threatens the human world. Waste
has also become a healthcare issue. Exposure to its unhygienic atmosphere would
make us vulnerable to many fatal diseases. The mentality of people today will
have a direct effect on the generations to come. So, we should utilize our
resources judiciously and effectively as well as limit the production of waste,
thus leading a healthy and sustainable life.


· Do you think you are a part of the problem? If yes, what would you do
about the same given an opportunity. Do specify the resources you would need to
offer a sustainable solution.

believe that every human is a part of the garbage problem across the globe as
all of us leave a footprint on this earth which may not erase for hundreds of
years to come. To tackle this problem, we need to improve the waste management
facilities worldwide as well as spread its awareness to people. If I were given
the opportunity to help resolve this issue, then I would consider dividing the
problem into few categories to seek appropriate solutions.

Waste Generation

production of non-biodegradable material eventually ends up as waste as they
are not capable to mix with the soil. Such items, primarily some plastics
should be prohibited to be used to improve the condition of the situation. This
ban should also be strictly implemented by the executive department so that the
use of these products are avoided.

Waste Disposal

dumping of garbage is yet another important waste management issue worldwide.
To address this, there should be checks to ensure that there are no open trash
spots and the waste is kept hygienically in its designated place. There should
be home collection of waste as well as several automated machines to receive
recyclable waste should be kept at public places. Waste disposal by households
can be incentivized by providing commensurate discounts on public transport
like buses, metros and trains according to the quality of segregation at
disposal. This would not just motivate people to correctly dump their waste but
shall also make them use public transport more often. There should also be a
quota on the amount of waste to be collected so that its rate of production
also decreases, and the utilization happens more effectively. Segregation of
waste mainly based upon biodegradable and recyclable should take place. The
implementation of these rules as well as spreading public awareness would be
profitable for people and make them have a harmonious life with nature.

Waste Collection

the biodegradable waste should be dumped in organic landfills. With the passage
of time and the pressure released by the adding degradable waste, the previous
waste shall decompose and form a compost which can be used as a natural
fertilizer, improving the agricultural industry as well as using less of the
harmful pesticides.

Waste Utilization

the non-biodegradable or recyclable waste should be recycled or utilized. Many
harmful things such as fly ash can easily be formed into bricks and turn out to
be quite useful. Some plastics can also be made into sheets for further forming
different products, for example road pavements. Glass is 100% recyclable and
can be recycled hundreds of times with totally no loss in quality or purity.
Such waste can also be used to generate electricity. Inspired from the
recycling revolution in Sweden, we should also have waste-to-energy power
plants that can be used to create energy like electricity from the burning of
waste. It is capable of lighting up thousands of homes and generates heat that
can help warm some public places in the cold weather of the winters.


the stringent enactment and efforts of our governments, and cooperation of the
people, the improvements in the waste­­ management systems can have a fruitful
result for our lives and the world.

creates and maintains the conditions under which all living beings and nature
can exist in productive harmony”

– U.S Environment Protection Agency


by Kaavya Kochar