Overall, learn how to teach from the student’s

            Overall, after reviewing and analyzing the Council for
the Accreditation of Educator Preparation I strongly believe that it is an
advantage to graduate from a CAEP/NCATE affiliated teacher preparations school.
The CAEP gives future teachers everything that is needed to prepare them for
their future career as a teacher. Although many individuals may have attended
college, they may still be left with unanswered questions and experiences.
CAEP/NCATE affiliated teacher preparations schools allows individuals to have a
significant extra step ahead of everyone else that may become a future teacher.
Being enrolled at Kean University, which is an accredited institution, permits
me to learn the best practices and reflect on my own teaching. I am given the
opportunity to meet experienced mentors that can guide me in the right
direction. Although one may have doubts about themselves, I have the advantage
of knowing that the college of education has met the professional standards to
prepare me to become a Language Arts teacher. I believe that it would be
beneficial if every college of education was accredited. With this, every
individual seeking employment in the field of education will be prepared and
ready for challenges in the classroom.   

            Furthermore, when discussing assessments, the second
NCATE standard believes highly in assessments. Assessments are utilized for a
candidate’s performance and to evaluate their growth from admission, to
transition points in the program, and lastly the completion of the program. Evidence
about a candidate’s knowledge is all gathered from multiple assessments. For
instance, the assessments help to identify what a candidate may lack which
leads to a meaningful decision. Many of the assessments are taken from the
standards while some require the candidate to perform tasks they may encounter
as a teacher.

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            Moreover, when looking at the fourth NCATE Standard the topic
of diversity appears. This standard’s target is to develop the knowledge,
skills, and professional dispositions related to diversity. The provided
experiences given to the candidates are formed around the ideas of diversity
and inclusion, thus the candidates can use them effectively in a real-life
experience when they enter teaching. I find that this standard is very helpful
being that the candidate’s way of life may be different from their students.
With understanding this, the future teacher will be able to learn how to teach
from the student’s experiences and cultures. I find when a teacher creates a
classroom with an open mind and the idea of fairness, many students are more
interested in the classroom because the teacher values diversity. The standard
permits future teachers to be aware of all learning styles while trying to
engage all students in the lesson. I think it is beneficial that the standard
provides assessments and feedback on how they can improve on helping students
from diverse populations learn.   

            The CAEP has plans and goals to complete their mission,
but data does drive decisions about candidates. A candidate must first reflect
the diversity of P-12 students. One required component that the candidate must
demonstrate is academic achievement. Candidates must achieve a 3.0-grade point
average while also receiving a group average performance on an assessment. The
assessment, such as an SAT, consists of mathematics, reading, and writing and
one must be within the top fifty percent of the cohort that is being tested. Before
being considered as a candidate, if you have demonstrated academic achievement,
one must document that they understand the expectations of the profession. On
the other hand, the data gathered from candidates drive the decisions on
programs. Candidates surveys on how well they believe the program prepared them
will help address what needs to improve or remain the same. To do this, a
quality control system, that supports program improvement, must be effective
which is provided by the EPPs.

            Next, the CAEP consists of three standards that are
provided as a framework to achieve what they ensure. The first standard states,
“Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions for
effective work in schools.” The CAEP first intends to develop the knowledge,
skills, and professional dispositions for effective work in school by multiple
assessments. For knowledge, teacher candidates must know their subject matter
along with the professional knowledge for their field. To execute this,
candidates will continue professional development that improves learning and
practice. They will use research to develop an understanding of their content
area and of the teaching profession. The skills of the candidate will be expanded
as providers incorporate the importance of Common Core Standards. Lastly, the
CAEP intends to foster effective dispositions by observation of the candidate’s
behavior in the classroom and using clinal practice. During observation, the
candidate should be displaying dispositions such as caring and fairness for all
students. The educator preparation provides play a key role in developing
future teachers.

            To begin, when discussing the CAEP it will ensure that
educator preparation providers (EPPs) assist and guide future teachers. In this
assistance and guidance, future teachers will not only know the content of
their desired subject but also how to teach that content. The CAEP emphasizes
subject matter mastery which will permit teachers to be prepared for any
questions that may take place in the classroom about the subject. I believe
that many teachers get assigned to challenging schools, and classes, and get
discouraged because they were not provided with the adequate support. With
challenging schools and classes come diverse groups of students, but the CAEP
makes certain that one will be able to teach effectively to a heterogeneous
group of students. When dealing with different students, it is important to try
to make one’s students. I find that many individuals may be skeptical about whether
the CAEP follows through with their guarantees, but data will be collected over
the years to analyze and make any changes to improve their program.

While I have enrolled in
a university and started my journey on becoming a middle school Language Arts
teacher it is evident that there are numerous changes being made to become
certified. I believe that it is crucial for all individuals seeking their
teacher certification to be fully prepared. Without preparation, one will be
left shocked and with little hope. Informed teachers are one of the most
significant individuals when it comes to a student’s achievement, therefore I
believe it is important to pay attention to how educators are trained and
prepared. While learning about the Council for the Accreditation of Educator
Preparation (CAEP) and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher
Education (NCATE) I find that they provide the opportunity for future teachers
to be well rounded and prepared before entering the field of education.