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Defined Networking is revolutionizing the field of computer networks.
Though its hardware implementation is yet to be widely used it can be
used extensively for managing virtual networks. Networks of Virtual
hosts which are generally managed by the orchestrator can be managed
using SDN controllers more efficiently. Use of software switches in
building these virtual networks can add more efficiency to the
virtual networks. SDN can also help in integrating the physical and
the virtual networks so that they can be viewed and managed as a
single network. This also would help in centralizing the controller
plane of different networks onto a single cloud thus reducing the
cost of network management for an organization. The reason why SDN
would overcome the limitations of the traditional networks is that it
enables the network management through programmability. Thus building
agile and robust networks is possible. Developments in high level
programming languages have enabled to exploit the capabilities of the
system. Thus designing the network behavior to meet the needs of the
organization is possible. The main task lies in designing the
controller that could provide efficient service to both the physical
as well as virtual networks. An optimal controller would not only
manage the network but also provide NFV services. It would be the
founding stone in building next-generation Data Centers. Another
model for this type of networks will be providing the NFV service on
demand. For an internal network of the organization it won’t be
necessary to have an on-premise controller. They can use a controller
hosted onto a cloud. This model will help the organizations to build
networks with limited amount of resources. But one major issue with
this model is of security. Large number of security threats may
inccur which should be dealt by the controller efficiently. Thus the
design of the controller plays a major role in both the models. In
either cases multiple instances of the controller can be used to
manage the network. Thus orchestration of the controller tasks needs
to be done carefully. One more challenge in designing the controller
is the balancing the load if it is on-cloud. Network behavior changes
dynamically, the controller should be able to change its approach
towards managing the network. SDN is the future of networking but it
needs to overcome these shortcomings and these are the fields where I
wish to carry out my research.

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