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Ellen Choi
Ms. Carney
18 January 2018
Art II photography P.7
Famous Portrait Photographer Report 
Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer, and what it means is she captures and documents indigenous cultures and she shows people the world to places they normally do not visit. What Lisa wants is the world to know that there needs to be a change. Kristine has visited over 100 countries criticizing by apprehending the problems of society and how humans should be unified. Lisa Kristine was born on September 2, 1965, and started photography at the age of 11. Lisa has traveled to many countries internationally to show that slavery is still going on, leading her to focus on human rights. Many of her works focus on exhibiting the social conflicts going on in third world countries. In 2009 Kristine collaborates with Free The Slaves enlightening human enslavement. This brought many attention to Lisa for bringing up and showing the world this subject. Lisa Kristine is still currently living and her career of showing the problems of society is still ongoing. Many people have acknowledged the isolation and the distance in the third world countries having a better understanding of their situations, respecting the diversity in this world because of her works. Lisa communicates the beauty of differences in people and their conflicts in this world through her photographs. Lisa wanted the world to realize this ongoing problem of slavery through her artwork. Once Lisa has realized there are about 27 million slaves in this world currently, she found this passion to express that she needs to help make a difference to change this unjust and inhumane act. Katherine wants to communicate that 

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this is not the life the people have chosen, and it needs to be changed. Many people think that slavery is over and that horrible era is in the past. People do not realize the inhumane acts that is going around them, and so this is how Lisa’s ambition, to show the world the difficult places, began to grow. Lisa has written 5 books and has been in 4 documentaries, featuring the harsh topic of slavery. One film had also won an Oscar Award, which had included a character that was inspired by the works of Lisa, played by Gillian Anderson. Her photographs have influenced the Make a Stand Lemonade Movement, which has raised up to a million dollars. This also gave awareness to almost 100 million people of the ongoing current slavery problems. 
It is seen that the hands represent the laborious work he has done. We can assume it’s a child based on the picture.

The facial expressions this child gives off isn’t the best revealing the emotions or mood it portrays.
It is seen the labor this person has done through his hands. Lisa focuses on his hands to communicate the work he has done.
I’m assuming these guys were working in the mines from the dust and the lights attached to their heads. This work is dangerous and the picture reveals their dangerous and unsafe work.
This is a clear definition of hard labor, carrying bricks on their backs. The black and white filter gives us a feeling of a dark and tiring mood, the feelings the people feel in the photos.