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Within this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the use and significance of props and 
objects within two different animated series. The two series that I have chosen to focus on 
are a Japanese anime called Nisekoi and the other one is American made called RWBY. 

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I believe that the most important part of any film, anime or tv series are the props. (The Spurcreative Workshop ‘The importance of props in film’ July 9th, 2015) says that props are often the only indicator of what decade a story is set in. I agree to some extent because this is not always the case. For example, Nisekoi is centred around a lock and key which does not show which decade this is based in. Whereas in RWBY, there are weapons that turn into other weapons and spell casting, which could be in the future. This is because the world is constantly evolving and changing meaning that everything else is has to change with time, however with that witchcraft was first recorded  in 1000 AD according to witchcraft.com n.d, proving to be very old showing that RWBY could be trying to put a modern spin on the olden days.

The props give further information and insight to the anime and what it will be about. Props are used on screen to help enhance a performance, said by The Spurcreative Workshop ‘The importance of props in film’ July 9th 2015. This is shown in Nisekoi as it is based around a lock and key, which engages the audience better and shows the power of friendship or maybe even love. For example chastity belts were used in the 15th century as a metaphor for moral purity, cleanliness and virginity says Varga ‘The Secret Histories Of Chastity Belts’ 24th October 2010. My reason behind this, is because chastity belts are used for ‘locking’ the female genitalia in order to preserve the ‘vaginal innocence’ and can only be opened by the correct key. This is symbolism for the lock and key within Nisekoi, as the protagonist, in this case a young male trying to find his possible match out of three females to open his pendent, which is the lock, while the females have the key. 

However, RWBY is completely different because it is about witchcraft and fighting the antagonist of this particular anime. This is ironic as ‘witches were considered evil, making pacts and connections with the Devil.’ according to witchcraft.com n.d, but in RWBY they are seen as trying to protect humanity by developing their powers. In this case witches are a good thing to the human race whereas in 1000 AD they were seen as the anti-Christ as said by witchcraft.com n.d. In the anime RWBY, the witchcraft aspects of it are shown when they are fighting monsters as you can see what looks like latin words circling around their body. This is symbolism for witchcraft within anime, as there are no spoken latin words throughout the anime. 

Both anime’s are very different as they have unassociated props that are used. The contrast between the two props are drastic, one  is a lock and key and the other is a weapon. However, within the anime’s they are both seen as a good thing due to the nature and narrative of the anime. This is because in Nisekoi the lock and key is about the main protagonist looking for his childhood love, which is seen as ‘cute and innocent’ and not as a threat. Whereas in RWBY, the powers of having weapons and witchcraft is seen to be dangerous but it is being developed to save the country from the antagonists. 

The types of props used within RWBY are cigars as grenades, scythes as guns and walking sticks as guns.