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Design Project

Dr. Ameena  Al Hariri








Fatema Ali
Husain Al Rahma

ID: 2847

Section 2

The interior design
project is about redesigning a room within the house we live in. it is required
to redesign the furniture we wish to develop ,change the furniture we dislike,
even change color schemes or add wallpaper to the selected room. To achieve a
new design of the selected room and the furniture within, it is important to
research information about the room itself and its furniture. This project will
be discussing the redesigning of a bedroom, for which research has been done
in  various subjects such as bed types,
closets, lighting, color schemes that are suitable for bedrooms and storage.



bedding section includes many items that can be functional or decorative or
both which together form the perfect bed of the users choosing. These items are
sheets to cover the mattress, coverlets which are decorative covers for bed decorations
and pillows that can be used for decorating purposes and more importantly for
sleeping. It is possible to even choose the filling of ones pillow to make sure
they are comfortable and non-allergic to. A lot of the items in this section
get to be used as extra decoration to the bedroom specially coverlets,
comforters, duvet covers and pillow cases.



purpose of the bed is not only limited for sleeping but there are more uses to
a bed than that. For example, some beds are designed to carry an extra mattress
 like guest beds and bunk beds which are
most common between children, even day beds have that extra mattress but is
used as a sofa too. Other types of beds are designed to add extra storage to bedrooms,
the small ones in particular. Storage comes in many forms, it can be below the
mattress like the ottoman bed,  mid
sleeper beds for kids allowing both storage and space, cabin beds and divan
beds have cabinets and drawers underneath the bed to access the storage easily.



divide to three main types, walk-in closets for huge master bedrooms therefore
it’s the biggest in size, reach-in closets were not the best choice because of
the bad parting it came in the early ages but it was quite common then, now the
design of it has been improved which made them a good choice. Lastly, the
wardrobes are a great choice for everyone and that is why they are the most
common of all. Other people use other type of furniture as closets such as
cupboards, shelf stands and drawer cabinets.



methods can be used for store belongings in a bedroom, it can be stuffed under
the bed, ordering the closet in the bedroom to have extra space for storage,
using a space in the room that is unused to place a new piece of double-duty
furniture that can be used for storage and as decorative piece for instance.



of the ways to add personal style to the bedroom is the curtains because one
chooses the pattern or print that fits his personality most. The two dominating
patterns are the traditional and geometric patterns. Even though, geometric
patterns are starting to trend more for the balance it creates between feminine
and masculine.



types is what sorts sleeping pillows to groups. It all depends on what makes the
person comfortable with and what suits them as the filling does not cause them
allergies. The types of the pillow filling vary from malleable goosed down ,
feather filing and memory foam.



plays a very important role in any room of the house but usage and types of
lighting  differ from room to another. It
is important to be careful while choosing lights for a bedroom therefore the
choice must be accurate to accomplish the suitable atmosphere of a bedroom.
Ambient lights are commonly used in any room as the natural lighting of it.
Task lights are used in nightstands more. No matter what design or types of
lighting is used in a bedroom, the lighting in this particular room must be low
to set an efficient relaxing and calming sensation. Also, the lights must be
pointing away from the bed to avoid being disturbed by them.


calm, peaceful and relaxing vibe must be carried out by all the pieces inside
the bedroom. Light colored rugs are more favorable to be bedroom rugs than the
dark colored ones. Attention must be paid to the patterns and materials of the
rug as well to assure the stability of the right atmosphere in the room.



essentially depends on the space in the room and based on that different types
and styles of seating are found. Corner chairs, double chairs and a table,
sofas and end of the bed benches are all seating styles that can be put in a
bedroom and all were decided based on the space there is in the room itself.



common colors of bedrooms are green, blue and pink but that does not mean that
a person can’t pint his room in color of his liking, the only condition is that
the color must nit interfere with the atmosphere of the bedroom.



painting or repainting in too costing wallpaper is always an option. There are
huge amounts of wallpaper with different colors, patterns and style to fit
anybody’s taste or theme. It is quite a good choice because it is not expensive
and if any changes happen and its needed to change or remove the wallpaper it
is very easy to done without any damage or problems.


and design:

theme or style of a certain room is defined by the furniture and accessories with
in the room. Any piece can be add to the room the challenge is how to add that
piece and how to make it consistent with the remaining of the room.




design of the room follows the style or personality of the person who is
staying in it and how the room will be used in the future. The designs of a
shared room is different from the room of one and the guest room is certainly
different looking than an antique room and a contemporary room is different
than the previous one. Each room has a different design and décor depending on
the personality of the resident of the room and the purpose of it.




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