Petroleum of crops. Petroleum is an ingredient in

Petroleum can be used in many fields including
transportation, research and development, technology, defense and commercial
industries (Chand, n.d.).petrol and diesel
are the main sources of energy for transportation, be it road, rail and water .
All the vehicles depend on this kind of energy to move from one area to
another. Petrol is used in power stations to produce power and it is used to
turn gas turbines which produce electricity. according to (Chand,
petroleum can be used to produce grease and lubricants. Almost all the big
machinery and vehicle must be lubricated to avoid jamming of parts. Petroleum
is used in the production of ammonia to make fertilizers. Ammonia act as a
nitrogen source. The process of producing these fertilizers is called the Haber
process. Another use of petroleum in agriculture iss producing pesticides to
ensure proper health of crops. Petroleum is an ingredient in making many
products. These products are ink, crayons, lipstick, pillows, deodorant, hair
coloring, vitamin capsule, toilet seats and many more.Petroleum contain a
substance called petrochemical glycerin which is used in detergents to wash
dishes and clothes. Petrochemicals also play a huge role in the medical industry.
According to (Helmenstine, 2017)  phenol and cumene are used to produce asprin
and penicillin. Petrochemical resins aree used in drug purification.
Petrochemicals are used in making nylon, synthetic fibres and acrylic







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Uses of diesel in transportation

Diesel Is used in car engines that
move people and goods on a daily basis. Diesel is used as a fuel to run
compression ignition type of engines most of the times. It is used in heavy
vehicles, trains, boats, ships, yachts, overland shipping, military vehicles
like tanks and trucks, buses and machinery. It is often chosen for its performance
which include efficiency and safety features. There are a couple of diesel
grades available. (Britannica, 2017) there is the one that is used for high
speed engines such as trucks and automobiles called middle distillates and
there is also heavy distillate which is used for low speed engines such as
stationery engines.

 According to (Nielsen, 2014)Transport sector accounts for 70% of the
total diesel sales. Utility vehicles and cars accounts for 28.48%, trucks
28.25%, buses 9.55% and railways about 3.24%. agriculture being the most
consuming about 13%, this includes tractors, pump sets and other heavy machines


All hospitals rely very much on
electricity. If a power cut was to occur a lot of lives would be lost. So a
backup plan is crucially needed to avoid losing lives of patients. This power
is needed to keep life supporting machines and other machines running to keep
people alive. During these power cuts a generator maybe be used to compensate
for the power cuts in order to keep everything in control and machines running.
These backup generators that are used are powered by diesel. These generators
are of high caliber and are highly monitors. A full tank of diesel fuel is able
to sustain a hospital for up to 8hours. (Anon., n.d.)

Other uses of diesel

Diesel is used in diesel engine
regenerators as backup electricity. This is to compensate for power cuts in
many industries that require a stable supply of electricity. Most institutional
facilities, stores and shops, construction companies and factories have diesel
generators to use when needed.

Uses of Naphtha

The unsaturated hydrocarbons that
are produced from the fischer Tropsch processes contain some naphthalene which
can be extracted and used to produce high octane gas.  According to (Csanyi, 2017)The naphtha can also be mixed with
heavyoil so as to aid its flow through the pipelines. Naptha can sometimes be
used an a fuel substitute which will then be used in lamps and camp stoves. Naphtha
is also mostly used as a solvent, examples include cleaning detergents and
paints. Some petrochemicals are made from naphtha. A few examples of these
petrochemicals includes synthetic fibers, industrial chemicals and plastics(polyethylene) (Csanyi, 2017)


Uses of jet fuel

Jet fuel was produced in a special
way such that it can handle  large
engines mostly those that are used by jets and aeroplanes. It is considered to
be the most safest fuel to use for aeroplanes and jets in order to keep them in
the sky safely. (Lister, 2017). Jet fuel can be
divided in to different grades. Kerosene is the name of a jet fuel which is of
Grade A1.  Kerosene is used in grills and
stoves as a heat source and is also used as a light source for lamps.