Power her as long as she knows what

Power of names, when Chihiro signed the contract and Yubaba took her name away from her and gave her the name Sen, after a while she(Chihiro) forgot who she wasHaku gave her a piece of paper with her name on it telling her to remember who she is and telling her as long as she knows what her name is she is safeHaku forgot his name which is why he was enslaved to work for YubabaWhoever has a person’s name, they basically control them in the spirit worldGood and Evil is mixed, a bunch of people are evil but they turn out to be good and vice versaHaku and No-face seemed good at the beginning but as the movie progressed we realized they had evil qualities, from swallowing workers to being controlled and stealing magic seals.Zeniba seemed evil when she turned Boh and Yubaba’s crow servant into a fly and a mouse, but in the end she was a nice sorceress who helped Sen and No-FaceLin was rude at the beginning but in the end she really seemed to care for SenYubaba is the antagonist of the play but her love for Boh keeps her from being truly evil, she gave Sen a chance because of BohChihiro is a “lazy, spoiled, crybaby, and have no manners” as said by Yubaba. She is right at the beginning of the film but as the film progresses we see that she a brave and selfless person, someone who cares for Haku, who goes out of there way to make everything right Chihiro saves and frees Haku by telling him his true nameThe change into a world of work and maturity, Chihiro is first seen as someone who is a brat and just lies in the back of the car all depressed but throughout the movie she suffers by working and cleaning the bath house, especially when she cleans the stink god.The Spirit world resembles present society because they have currency, and jobs, they also have a person who governs them all(Yubaba).When Chihiro is protecting an injured Haku Yubaba or so we thought appears and walks slowly toward them, this is suspense but then she turns Boh and the crow into a mouse and mosquito this is comic relief. Also when No-Face is gonna grab Chihiro the muse bites him and before No-Face could slap them the fly carries the mouse awaySuspense develops suspense by adding suspenseful music, as the suspense grows the music gets louder and louderThemes of this play are Power of words and names Courage in the face of distress, when everyone does not know what to do when the stink god comes Chihiro is forced to wash him, she does not complain instead she cleans the spirit and gets rid of all the junk in the spirit and basically saves the bathhouse, she also saves Haku and apologizes for his actions to ZenibaThe Power of Love, both Haku and Chihiro saves each other, Haku saves her and teaches her what to do in the spirit world. Chihiro then saves Haku by giving him the medicine ball the river god gave her, and she frees Haku by remembering his real name. Haku also saves her when she fell into a river as a baby