I to think about the text, graphics,

I will search the Internet for useful and attractive Graphics/Pictures and either copy and paste them into my presentation, or import them. Because the Internet is so vast, I will be able to find the right graphics for any of my pages. I will also find useful graphics/pictures from clip art. Clipart pictures are often quite simple, but simple is very often effective, especially with a target group such as year seven’s, so clipart may be useful in my presentation. Process Once I have input all of my data that I am using, I need to think about what I can do to make my presentation the greatest.

I have to think about the text, graphics, pictures, backgrounds, colour schemes, action buttons, hyperlinks etc. Thought out the presentation I will be using the same font so my target audience will get use to the same font but I will change the font size in relation to the amount of space on each slide, because on one slide I may have more text than anther slide or I may have a bigger picture on one of my slides. I may use coloured text to make important/key words, paragraphs, or titles stick out. I will make the titles bigger then the subtitles and the subtitles bigger then the normal text.

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With the graphics, I will create the graphics in paint, which is a simple way to improve thing or just to make thing from the beginning: Then I will be able to crop, resize, and change the contrast and colour of the image. I could also change the background colour scheme and the background, to make the slide more appealing to year seven and to give a more professional aspect. However, I must keep this background colour scheme and background the same throughout the presentation if I am to achieve my objective of keeping a consistent layout throughout the presentation.

For the text and graphics, I will be adding custom animation to present the presentation in a most exciting way as possible for year seven. By making each piece of information and graphic enter each slide in a different and unusual manner, year seven will be more attracted to the presentation, evidently helping year seven to learn about networks in a better method. I will also include action buttons and hyperlinks to make the presentation interactive. I will do this so I will achieve my objective of making the presentation interactive.

By using these features, the children will be able to access relevant and good quality information from the Internet and so then year seven will be able to roam around the presentation very easily without having to search for a specific slide they want to take a look at. These features will also keep the year seven’s interested as they will have a sense of freedom on the computer. Outputs Once I have completed my power point presentation, I will use different forms of output to give my presentation its maximum potential. I could use a monitor as a form of output.

I could also use a multimedia projector as the form of output, to project the presentation onto the smart board, allowing the children to clearly watch the presentation and take all the information in on a large screen. This will easily draw the attention of the students and will be an effective way of teaching them about networks. Another form of output I could use is the printer. By printing out a print out of the presentation. This would inshore that my presentation is obtaining all of his information on the printout.

Similarly, when presenting the presentation to the class, year will be able to see what slide is coming next and prepare for it. This way, the presentation would be able to presented smoothly with no interruptions in my presentations. The output of sound could also be considered to be a very effective way of keeping the class’s attention, by producing sound in each slide I would also be achieving one of my objective by using sound to introduce each piece of information on each slide, if each child is at their own desktop watching the presentation, headphones could be provided to listen to the sounds as well as watching the animations.

Backup strategy I have a very reliable backup strategy that protects me from losing all my work. Firstly, when I finish work on the presentation, I will save it onto the computer I am working on. I will use this method both at home and at school. I will also save the work I have just finished onto my memory stick. I will also be putting it onto my memory stick because it is easy to be transported from home and to school and does not damage easily. With my presentation being saved onto 3 different places at any time.

There is a very is a very small chance of losing any of my work. This provides me with security; so don’t have to worrying about that not having my work saved. The school network system provides me with even more security, as does my computer at home. With the login status at home and at school. With this factor involved as well, there is a very small chance of someone deleting my work. I could also use a CD ROM To have my wok saved on to but they could become starched, which would delete my work also making it a less safe choice.

I could also use floppy disk, but the disk can be corrupted very easily and floppy disks don’t have much memory for saving work on to, using a memory stick is much better way of moving things from home to school. The only other way to back up my work is to send it via email from school to home and the other way round. However, with having to remember to attach files to an e-mail all the time, this method could become complicated and difficult, so this could also be a risky backup strategy but looking at all the possible options, I have decided to.

Save my work at school and put it onto my home computer’s hard drive, by saving it onto my memory stick, because I will always have my memory stick on me, allowing me to access my work whenever I to. By sticking to these three backup strategies. I should not lose my work and it should remain safe and secure, so that I am able to produce the best work for coursework and class work and homework. Design Initial idea For my initial design, I have decided that the best size writing in my power point presentation is size 20-28 depending on the size of the picture under the writing.

For the title I will be using font size 44-106 depend on how much writing there is and how long the title is for the slide. The font that I am using is ‘Ariel’ because it nice and curved at the ends and doesn’t look to boring and that it is easy to read and understand, but that it was a refreshing difference to using Times New Roman and that the children would enjoy this new type of font. I now know that I will use Ariel for my font, and that the sizes will change in accordance with the amount of space available.

On each side I will have a logo that I have drawn in paint, which will be in the top right hand corner of the slide and then to the left of the logo there will be the title for the slide. In the bottom left of every slide there will a hyperlink to the contents page. If there is a picture on the slide it will be in the bottom right hand side User comments I asked my user to comment on my initial design so that I knew what changes he wanted me to make, before starting to create the presentation.

Firstly, my user also felt that there should be action buttons and that they should be placed in the bottom left hand corner of the slide to give the impression of a more balanced and symmetrical slide. This position would also suit the action button better. My user also commented on the position of my school logo. They felt that this was the correct position for it, as with the action button opposite this image, the slide would look more balanced and more professional.

The final point my user said is that I should have animation to make the slides more exciting and to keep the students attention, when they are using the presentation as both a class activity. Implement Test plan Test number Test Outcome How you know 1 Does an action button work Does not work When I click the ‘advantages of the networks’ I goes to the wrong slide it just comes goes to the ‘disadvantages of networks’ 2 Same layout Does work Throughout the presentation the title, logo, and text are all in the same place. 3 Spelling and grammar Some mistakes.

There are red lines under some of the words 4 Font size Some mistakes In one of the slides half way thought there is some writing that is bigger than the rest of the writing 5 Font type Some mistakes In one of the slides the text in a different font to the other slides Testing For each of my tests in my testing plan, I will provide evidence that I have successfully passed these tests and that they work. For the first test in had to fix an action button, this action was not working properly and I know this because when I pushed it, it went to the wrong slide.

The action button took me to slide ‘disadvantages of networks’ instead of going to slide ‘advantages of networks’ For the second test I can prove that it is the same design throughout e. g. title, text, picture and hyperlink because here are two pictures of slides in my presentation: For the third test I need to change some spelling mistakes that I have made: For the forth test I need to change the type of font on one of the slides, because I have wrote in a different font half way through the text:

For the fifth test the font size changes halfway though text, because I have wrote in a different size font half way through the text: Error correction From my testing plan, there are four tests that have failed through my errors, so I must now show how I will overcome these problems. For the first test I can change it by right clicking on the hyperlink and going to edit hyperlink: From there it took me to another menu and it asked me to select what slide I wanted it to go to when I click it: After I have changed the setting of the hyperlink, I click on the hyperlink and it took me to the right slide:

For the third test I have to change the spelling mistake I can do this by right clicking on the word and selecting what word in want to change the word to: When I have selected the word that I want to change it to the red line will go away and the word will be re-wrote for you: For the forth test I have to chance the font size which changes halfway though the text. I can fix this problem by highlighting the text that I want to change the font size of then going up to the font bar and clicking the down arrow and selecting what font size I would like to choose:

Then the end result is that you have all the text in the same size font: Has a different font halfway though the text. I can fix this problem by for the fifth test I have to fix the problem which is that one of the slide by highlighting the text that I want to change the font of then going up to the font bar and clicking the down arrow and selecting what font I would like to choose: Then after you have decided what font to use select it and the font will automatically change to the font you have chosen: Evaluation Original objectives

For this problem one of my objectives is to ensure that my presentation is on the computer and that it is interactive, so that the students can feel more involved with the presentation and ultimately help them learn in a more efficient and enjoyable way. With the use of action buttons. It is easy for the students to flick from one section of the presentation to the next, this helps them to focus on sections that they may find difficult, or feel they could improve upon. Another of my objectives is to keep a consistent layout, which will give a more professional and it has to be colourful and bright to catch the year seven attention.

I will use the school logo that I have improved to make it more round and it look more professional, I am also using it as a decoration that will also attract the students. Another objective that I have is not to use too many long words so year seven we are able to understand the language that I am using. Future Improvements If I were to make further developments and improvements to my presentation I would improve upon in these ways: 1. I would ensure that my presentation had links to relevant websites that contained good explanations for the students to access and gain knowledge about networks.

2. I would ensure that I included more slides explaining the different theories of different network, keeping in mind that I would need to make the differences between the topologies is clear enough that the students don’t get confused. After using these suggestions, I decided to look over my work and see if I could find any other aspects of my presentation, which can be improved. I looked at the first slide, and then at the other pages and saw how much difference the word art made. For this reason, for even further improvements, I could use word art for all my headings and sub title.

This may increase the overall attractiveness of my presentation and impress the students even more. This will hopefully improve the ways in which years even are learning. Miss McCay St. Simon Stock Catholic School Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent England ME16 0JP Dear Guy, Thank you very much for power point presentation you have made for me. The students that will be used your presentation are very thankful that they had a great presentation to work from. The feed back that I have from my students is that it is a very good power point presentation and they were very please to work from it and they all enjoyed working from your presentation.

What was good about your slide show was that all the slides follow the same layout; me and my students also enjoyed the animation of the pictures, hyperlinks and the title. The animation between the slides was enjoyable as well because of the animation it made the presentation a lot more fun to watch. I liked the fact that the titles and ext should out, and was very eye catching. This shows that you have put a lot of effect in to making your presentation look good, I liked this because it easier for my students to see the slide show a lot better.

Some other features that I liked were that there were a lot of hyperlinks and it made the presentation interactive. This helped my students to interact with the lesson and they all enjoyed the presentation a lot more because of this feature. I liked the fact that you suck to your ordinal objectives. The high level of work that went into the presentation was worth all the effect and it seamed that a high class look this is a great presentation and I hope to use it in the future.