Preparation 2018. Get back to Basics As per

Preparation Tips for AIIMS?


The AIMS Recruitment 2018 Notification is out. Many
candidates have a dream of getting a seat in AIIMS. We know that AIIMS is one
of the toughest exam in India, as there will be a lot of competition for
limited seats available. There will be a lot of members you are willing to get
a seat in AIIMS. To get a seat in AIIMS you must start preparing from now. The
main confusion arises here, how to prepare for the examination. Don’t worry we
are with you. We have given some important preparation tips for AIIMS Examination
in this article.

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AIIMS Exam Pattern

The entrance test of AIIMS is a computer based one. The
exam consists of 200 multiple objective type questions from Chemistry, General
Knowledge, Physics and Biology. For every correct answer a candidate gets one
mark and for every wrong answer 1/3 mark is deducted. The duration of the examination
is three hours thirty minutes (3hr 30min).

Tips for AIIMS 2018

We have given some important tips which will be helpful
while preparing yourself for AIIMS Exam 2018.

Get back to Basics

As per our survey on previous years AIIMS papers we got
to know that most of the questions for AIIMS exam are from the NCERT 11th &
12th standard Physics, Chemistry & Biology books. So, the one
who is preparing should have a good command on basics.

Know the Syllabus

It is tough to know the syllabus of AIIMS Exam. Don’t waste
your time in searching for Syllabus. Go through the NCERT books and compare them
with the NCERT syllabus with your board exam syllabus. By doing this you can
get a clear idea of Syllabus.

Study Material

There are lot of study material available for AIIMS.
Hence, it becomes tough to pick a particular book for the preparation of AIIMS
2018 exam. Just go through the NCERT books of 11th and 12th
Standards. It is one of best study material I can say.

Make a Subject-Wise Plan

You must plan on what subjects should I read first. There
are subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology. We have given some few
points about the subjects in below section.

Physics – In
AIIMS exam the questions which come on physics are advanced, but if your
concepts are clear, then you have no reason to worry. This physics subject tests
your analytical skills.

Chemistry – As
per our knowledge most of chemistry questions for AIIMS are from NCERT books.
Hence, refer to NCERT books for practice

Biology – Read
NCERT books to get more knowledge about Biology.

General Knowledge – In
AIIMS Exams General Knowledge section covers 20 marks. Give half an hour daily
to read a newspaper or current affairs magazine and concentrate more on
Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Refer Sample Papers

Make a habit of solving previous years questions papers.
Download the previous year questions paper and answer 200 questions in 210
minutes. Answering one minute per question will be helpful during the
examination time. Having time management is important while you are writing AIIMS
exams. A lot of mock papers are available on internet. You must solve these
papers within the given time. Solving those papers within the given time so can
improve your speed and know the sections that consume more time.

Know Your Strengths &

You must know your strengths & weaknesses. You can
get to know your strength and weakness by solving the previous year’s papers
and sample papers. By solving those papers, you can get to know in which
section you are lagging. Concentrate more on the section that you are lagging.

Don’t Ignore General Knowledge

You should have a grip on General Knowledge and current
affairs for AIIMS exam 2018. Don’t ignore this section by keeping more focus on
other sections like physics, chemistry and biology. To have a good grip on
General Knowledge and current affairs section go through newspapers every day
and subscribe to a weekly or monthly news magazine. Give more attention to the
science sections.

Time Management

Having time management is important while you are
preparing for exams. You must you’re your schedule accordingly while preparing
for the AIIMS entrance exam. You must be sure of subjects and how much equal
time is given all subjects and topics. Make a timetable and read accordingly to
it. So that you don’t miss out on any important sections.

Good Revision

Have a good revision while preparing. Having revision on
every topic multiple times is more important, and the number of times you need
to review depends on your capacity and intelligence. Keep going over the same
material until you are confident about the subject. Also, revise the subjects which
you are lagging simultaneously so that your mind becomes alert and flexible
enough while switching between multiple topics. Have rest at regular intervals while
you are studing.

Join a Coaching Class

If you want to get better marks in AIIMS Exam 2018 then
you can have a professional approach to the preparation. You can join a
coaching class in better institute. But remember that every individual has
different improvement areas. Select a coaching class that specializes in the
subject you need help with. Choosing a coaching class wisely will ensure that
you get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, don’t spend a fortune on coaching.

We made our best to give you some important tips for the
preparation of AIIMS 2018. Hopefully, these tips will help you fulfil your
dream of cracking the AIIMS Entrance Exam.