2. Availability of drawings iii. Administrative procedures

2. Scope and Responsibility:

This procedure applies to all process activities carried out by the Company. It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to approve this procedure. It shall be the responsibility of the Engineering Manager (MR) to issue, update and maintain this procedure.

3. Definitions:

Process – The method of operation in any particular stage of manufacture of the material part, component or assembly involved.

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4. Procedure:

Upon Contract Award

Upon award of contract, Tender Department shall hand over to the concerned Projects Department a comprehensive file containing tender documents, correspondence and records generated in the tendering process as per Procedure for Contract Review (ICC – QMP – 03).

Construction Planning:

The concerned Project Manager shall then draw up a schedule of work in consultation with Planning Engineer, plan mobilization of resources and allocate responsibilities of key personnel.

The following aspects shall be given detailed consideration.

Site Organization Structure (Organ Gram and Job Descriptions):

Concerned Project Manager in consultation with Site Manager/Project Engineer shall decide site Organization Structure. Concerned Project Manager shall define the responsibility and authority of key personnel and Site Manager shall draw up position and job description of balance site personnel.

Preliminary Negotiations:

Meetings between customer, consulting engineers and the local authorities shall be arranged where required to discuss the following:

i. Access to site

ii. Availability of drawings

iii. Administrative procedures

iv. Approval and testing of materials

v. Changes in work extent etc.

Site Activities:

Relevant site administrative activities relating to personnel, materials, working drawings, subcontractors, site cash dealings etc. shall be documented.

Work Instructions and Job Descriptions shall define the duties and responsibilities of site personnel.

Material Submissions:

Negotiation with subcontractors and suppliers; submission of list of specific materials to be used on the work for approval as required

Construction Method and Drawings:

Construction method and testing activities shall be documented in the method statements, work instructions, project specific supplementary work instructions, quality plans, inspection and test plans as applicable.

Where preparation of drawings is within contract scope, schedule of drawing submission and approval shall be prepared.

Project Program:

Sequence of operation of all construction activities is covered in the overall project program. Mobilization and demobilization of resources shall be addressed in the Manpower Histogram and Equipment Deployment Chart.

Project Implementation and Monitoring:

Site Manager/Project Engineer shall be responsible for implementation of the project work as per planning to meet project schedule. The work shall be carried out to customer parameters indicated in the contract documents.

The workmanship shall be to accepted standards and shall be as per procedures, work instructions, quality plans and inspection and test plans.

Handling, storage, usage and inspection of all materials and equipment shall be carried out as per the procedures and work instructions. Store keeper is responsible for inspection / arranging for inspection of all incoming materials.

However, periodic inspection of materials shall be carried out by QA/QC Engineer who is responsible for control of all in process inspection.

Work Inspection and Certification:

All works shall be inspected by the Site Engineer and the effectiveness of quality control ensured by the QA/QC Engineer and Client’s representative; Client’s certification at certain stages of the work may also be required before proceeding to the next stage.

Project Completion:

Upon completion of the project, the Site Manager shall inform the Project Manager that the project is ready for handing over. Project Manager will accordingly inform Client.

Client will take over site and normally issue a Provisional Acceptance Certificate along with a snag list of items that require being modified/completed. Upon completion of maintenance period / warranty period wherever applicable, Client issues a Final Acceptance Certificate.

5. Records:

Vehicle / equipment maintenance Job card ICC – F – 47

Personnel Protective Equipment’s ICC – F – 46

Weekly Progress report ICC – F – 53

Request for inspection (general) ICC – F – 54

Concrete inspection request ICC – F – 56

Accident Report Form Equipment ICC – F – 64

Check List Form ICC – F – 65

Concrete Production Records ICC – F – 67

Concrete Compressive Strength Test Results ICC – F – 68

Request to Conduct Cube Test ICC – F – 69

Supply of Manpower, Materials and Equipment’s ICC – F – 72 Inspection Check List and Test Records.