Pyrophena in Living Fire as a defensive measure.

Pyrophena was the Dragon of Elemental Fire. She could control all fire, and sheath herself in Living Fire as a defensive measure. She was the fighter out of the group of four. Rash and hotheaded at times, Pyrophena was also brave, loyal, and valiant. Her friends could always count on her somewhat blunt honesty, and to give her opinion whether they wanted it or not. Although she fought her hardest in the First Awakening, she was eventually defeated by Ground that Crumbles while trying to save Geogodon.Hydroxica was the heart of the group. She was kind, caring, and had extensive knowledge of healing. Acting as the medic for the four Pure Elemental Dragons, Hydroxica was also the most powerful member of the four, but hated to fight. Being able to control all water on a world full of it gave her the opportunity to kill all live on it, but luckily she could never bring herself to reach her full potential. Hydroxica always tried to end arguments by calming the others down as quickly as she could. Without her, the other Three would have almost certainly made war on each other, making it all to easy for the Inferno Dragons to summon Armanok. During the First Awakening, Hydroxica tried her best to save Pyrophena after Ground that Crumbles impaled her, but it was too late.Aerolorn Shiningmind was the brains of the Pure Elemental Dragons. Able to come up with brilliant battle plans and think his way out of almost every situation, Aerolorn was also no stranger to open combat. Able to blast the strongest winds from his claws and mouth, he would often put an enemy off balance with the wind, then rush in and dive under them, clawing at their vulnerable bellies while they stumbled around. This strategy is still used today by Wind Dragons. Aerolorn has been known to shift himself out of Physical Existence and into Spirit Existence on occasion. In the First Awakening, Aerolorn fought with Shroud that Follows in a fight so titanic, it spanned both the Physical Realm and the Spirit Realm. Aerolorn also has high level psychic powers such as mind reading and telekinesis. Geogodon Defenderscales’ only wish in life was the safety of his comrades. He often would disagree with Aerolorn’s plans or Pyrophena’s battle tactics by deeming them ‘too dangerous’ or ‘too risky’ for the group. He only wanted what was best for them, and hated to see them hurt. Often dismissed as a ‘dumb brute’ Geogodon’s intellect was above average, although he often said things that gave dragons the opposite impression. He has powers over all land and rock, possibly making him the second most powerful of the group. He was by far the most physically strong, which is why he fought Ground that Crumbles during the First Awakening. Though the fighting was fierce, Ground that Crumbles had him severely outclassed in both size, strength, and power. Able to counter almost every thing Geogodon could throw at him, Ground that Crumbles almost killed him, were it not for Pyrophena, who had just defeated Ember that Glows, jumping in the way of the rock shard. Geogodon is also known for his near impenetrable scales and iron will to defend his friends.