Since Intranet and Internet for information exchange.

Since 2000, it has expanded in Indian cities and also in abroad. The company has executed numerous contracts during this period for the major petrochemical companies, Highway construction companies etc, among them are:

(i) ONGC

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(ii) IOC

(iii) National Highways

(iv) Indian Builders etc.

The contracts included the construction of Machine foundations, Pits, Chambers, retaining structures, cable trenches, pipe rack foundations, culverts, Roads etc, apart from control buildings, substations and Residential complexes, shopping complexes etc.

The company is having full-pledged offices at Bangalore and abroad with all the infrastructures required for an engineering organization.

The company has in-house computational facilities with Intranet and Internet for information exchange.

The company having a team of dedicated engineers and a strong work force that are based on sites throughout the region and at satellite bases in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar highlands, Dubai etc. The company employs a workforce in excess of 3000 people.

The motto of the Company: Work is Worship.

The vision of the Company: To achieve continuous improvement in quality of works/ service through sustained maintenance of the best of the industry standards.

2. Scope of the quality manual:

This Manual defines the Quality Management System, which is applicable throughout the Company. The Manual has three basic functions:

1. To document the Company’s Quality Management Policy and provide a basic reference document for all Company personnel to utilize in the performance of their work.

2. To assure the Company’s clients of the attitudes and policies of the Company with respect to Quality Assurance.

3. To act as an induction document for new personnel, in order to ensure continuity of the Quality System is unaffected by staff turnover.

This Manual has been written to satisfy the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 – 2000 – Quality Management System Requirements.

Uncontrolled copies of this Manual are readily available to clients for information purposes.

However, the detailed Quality Management Procedures and Working Instructions through which the requirements of this Manual are implemented are regarded as confidential company information and are thus not released outside the Company, unless required to satisfy specific contractual or audit requirements.

3. Applicability:

This Manual defines the Quality Management System, which is applicable throughout the Company.

If activities occur outside the processes and procedures established and described in this manual, the ISO Approval Certificate would not cover these products and the ISO Management Representative and Sales will be responsible to notify applicable customers that the ISO certification coverage does not apply.

4. Responsibility:

This manual and the Indian Construction Company Quality Policy are issued under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer/President of Indian Construction Company.

Indian Construction Company documentation defines who has the responsibility for implementation of tasks to ensure conformance to the elements of the standard.

The Organizational Chart located on Indian Construction Company’s website indicates areas of responsibility.

The ICC Management Representative is responsible for ensuring that the Quality Management System is implemented and maintained to meet the requirements of this manual.

The ICC Management Representative maintains this manual. Indian Construction Company departments maintain documented process procedure; hereafter referred to as quality system procedures ICC-QMP-XXX, and procedures necessary for implementation of the Indian Construction Company Quality Management System. All of these documents, however, are controlled through the Indian Construction Company document control system.