Reliability successfully deliver a session on any sport.

Reliability and punctuality.Coaches  and leaders must have the correct equipment and be on time or early to begin setting up the session. This keeps the session organised and have it begin in a timely manner. It will also allow he or she to check the surroundings for health and safety issue prevent injury to the participants. The leader must also have organised their session beforehand so they understand how they can lead the session and what part of their selected sport they want to focus on.ConfidenceConfidence is one of the most important qualities that a leader should have to successfully deliver a session on any sport. The definition of confidence the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. If a coaches or leader does not have confidence in themselves they will control of the session quite quickly as the participants will believe that they can walk all over you. They  have to be confident in the sport of their selected so they are able to teach it correctly.Also if leaders  are confidence their participants will enjoy the session better.There are many different styles of leadership and all of them serve a different purpose.Democratic Autocratic Laissez-faire DemocraticThis leadership style is very open it allows for discussion and ideas to flow freely in the groups and the leader has the chance to please everyone in the session. For this style to be successful their must be a range of activities for people to choose from. This leadership style allows for everyone to be given an opportunity to participate in their favourite sports the downside is that if not a lot of leaders the participants may not be able to do the sports and they have to be vote for the sport that they want but everyone may not be happy with the end result of the vote and the participant that was not pleased the  result they may start acting out in response to the vote.    The main characteristics for a democratic leadership:Participants feel more involved and engaged.  All participants are give a choice.Leader has the last say. Works best with a range of activities. Leaders must be able to inspire trust and respect, without being disliked, good leaders gives everyone an opportunity to given an idea even for those who say a less popular idea or sport. If the this leadership style successful everyone participant should be at a happy or satisfactory level with the result of the decision made and this should lead to them having fun in the sessionIf this style of leadership is not delivered to the proper type of participants it may lead to communication failures and it may lead to a incomplete session. That why it’s best to use this style to older participants so that they able to give good contribue and ideas to the session making it easier to lead. Autocratic This lead