The Managing Director shall chair this meeting and the review shall be fully minute. Management review is further documented in ICC-QMP-01, Management Review, the results of Internal or External Audits, Customer Complaints, Non-conformance analysis, results of Corrective Actions, Training requirements, Contract Reviews, Quality Planning and the suitability and effectiveness of the Quality System to achieve the stated policies and objectives.

Implementation of any resulting actions is verified by the Management Representative or other designee and recorded in ICC Assistant.

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2. Review Input:

The management reviews shall include the evaluation of current performance and improvement opportunities. These are described in process ICC-QMP-01, Management Commitment.

The objectives of these reviews are to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System, including the Indian Construction Company Quality Policy and objectives and to determine whether there is a need for change.

Measurable elements shall be used from this review for management-designated activities.

3. Review Output:

The meeting minutes shall provide a record of all of the agenda input information presented. They will also address any needed improvements to the Quality Management System processes and products, relative to customer requirements.

In addition, resource needs will be addressed if action is necessary to meet quality system, customer and/or regulatory requirements.

Review outputs and their subsequent status shall be used in successive management reviews as a means of continued system assessment.