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Shadman ChowdhuryLouis ReidAP Literature and CompositionNovember 11, 2017Trust in mistrust: Flannery O’Connor in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”Analytical Question: How does Flannery O’Connor use of Connotation and Selection of details convey that Trust is a crucial element which is hard to identify in “A Good Man is Hard to Find? “‘These days you don’t know who to trust,’ he said. ‘Ain’t that the truth?'” Red Sam, not a too much descriptive character in O’Connor’s “A good Man Is Hard to Find” summarized the the worldview of the text. O’Connor’s use of the phrase “These days” conveys that time and people both changed compared to the old times. Also the use of the word “truth” justifies his claim where he states that is the truth is in sense of question, but still he is asking whether it is the truth. He is asking is it the truth rather than asking for her opinion. It shows his believe in his own statement.. The old times people who believed that time was the golden age when trust were still in this earth, but now the behavior of people in the present makes it hard for people to still have faith in trust on individuals. Throughout the text “A Good Man is Hard to Find”  O’Connor shows the struggle of trusting by using Selection of details and Connotation to illustrate that how difficult it is to trust your own belief and implementing them on individuals. The main character that is followed by the narrative in this text is the old grandmother, an old world perspective in the new world. Throughout the text O’Connor uses her third person limited perspective on the old world to compare the new world and show the transitions of the time. As O’Connor mentions in his text, “‘In my time,’ said the grandmother, folding her thin veined fingers, ‘children were more respectful of their native states and their parents and everything else…'” O’Connor’s use of the phrase “In my time” in this context referring to the old times where the grandmother lived. And O’Connor is certainly comparing the time shift and the changes of the environment and in this context that transition of time had a negative affect. The time change was surely noticeable by the people of the old world. They regret the new times. As Red Sammy states in the text, “‘A good man is hard to find,’ Red Sammy said. ‘Everything is getting terrible.'” – As the character uses the word “terrible” to clearly state his claim that the new world is far more worse than the old world and it constantly getting worser. Characters here in the whole story who lived in the old world, constantly compares the old world with the new one. Not only that they are connecting it to humanity. Their trust that the old world and the humanity was far more better and trustworthy than the modern time which is rottening with the humanity itself. The transition of time was surely describable by the people of old world. And they surely started to lose their trust in the new world and the environment anymore. The transition is making them losing their trust on their belief of how the world works. As Red Sammy mentioned, “‘Everything is getting terrible. I remember the day you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. Not no more.'” O’Connor’s use of this detail and phrase”you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. Not no more. Not no more” If we zoom in the tone of the speaker here we can illustrate that he has a really disappointing tone. Also if we see the form he wrote these two lines, he put the phrase “Not no more” as a sentence on it’s own. Speaker bere trying to show the significance of this sentence in the text which shows the transition of trust. How they could trust the environment and the people of old days but they can’t any more now.  It’s really hard to stop believing a certain culture where one person spends most of your life living in those. In all that rough situation in the deepest of your heart a small portion will surely want to believe that the culture and faith you had in your believe still exists. As the grandma states when she encounters the Misfit, “‘You wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you?’ the grandmother said and removed a clean handkerchief from her cuff and began to slap her eyes with it” The old grandma knew that the Misfit was a criminal but her thought “You wouldn’t shoot a lady” comes from her old world, where women did not had power and they had to stay under the shade and protection of men and it is most likely a women to come in contest against a man. And murder must be a really bad thing in a perfect world which the grandma states her old world to be.  Her belief in the old world theory makes her believe in the Misfit to let her go, she is still implementing her trust in old world in the new world. O’Connor makes a character like grandma in this world just to show the position that the new world and the humanity is, she herself is the symbol of old world and it’s humanity. Putting her here O’Connor is showing us her perspective on the transition of the world. As in the perspective of the grandma the new world is as seemed as rotting, as she repeatedly compares her perfect old world to the new world and states how things changed and almost all the time the new world had the negative connotation. As she started to believe the new world is filled with the new world believer but she still have a tiny believe a small part of people will still have faith on the old world, and Misfit was one of them. As she states, “‘Listen’ the grandmother almost screamed, ‘I know you’re a good man. You don’t look a bit like you have common blood. I know you must come from the nice people! ‘”-(Page 10) As O’Connor uses the words “common blood” in the character of the grandma she refers common blood as the people of new world. And also she used the words “nice people” with “common blood”; here she referring the nice people as the people of old world. is dividing the people into two groups. One group is the nice people who are the people of the old world. And the common blood, the word directly pointing the general people of the modern world. And as the Misfit came from them he should believe in the old world. As the story continues the relation among the Misfit and the grandma starts to get complex. As the grandma keeps implementing her belief on Misfit as a good man Misfit also responds with his deep down stories of his life, obviously makes anyone to trust a person who will tell you about your life. But nevertheless trust is a crucial element which is hard to judge. As the grandma thought she could trust the Misfit all went wrong, as O’Connor states, “‘You are one of my own children!’ She reached out and touched him on the shoulder. The Misfit sprang back as if a snake had bitten him and shot her three times through the chest” – The author’s use of words, “own children” signifies that the grandma completely trusted the Misfit as who he is. She referred him as her own child. It shows how naive she is. She still didn’t get the idea that the world has changed, the culture she grew up is no more and the new generation aka the new world is taking over. All that trust was nothing but a showoff. Just what Red Sammy said that you can’t trust people anymore. How kind you are to them they still will be disloyal. Here in the scenario the old lady was kind enough to share the weight of pain from Misfit on her but at the end the trust was nothing but a showoff. A short story makes its transition real quick. Unlike a broad story book how every element and character develops over time a short story character develops rather quickly. As O’Connor’s character Misfit where he looked like as if he was actually going to turn on the grandma but all of a sudden it changed the turn and killed her. He might have never trusted the grandma at all. He shared all about him only because he knew he was going to kill her. The grandmother yet kept believing that Misfit is going to spare her and she can trust her. But in the end it did not work out. The trust she had on Misfit, was judged wrong, she thought she could trust him but it was nothing but a waste of time for her. She failed to identify the trust. Or at least she thought she could trust the Misfit. The body language of Misfit was inviting the grandma to go closer and closer to Misfit but at the same time Misfit was going away and when she came to close Misfit had no choice to push her away.