Shakespeare and gets murdered for it. Compared to

Shakespeare has written multiple plays, including Othello and Much Ado About Nothing. Both plays have been turned into films, in both plays the theme of betrayal has been shown although Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy.  Both films have been portrayed excellently to the original plays written by Shakespeare. Throughout both films you see multiple different types of genres, as well as performances between each actor. However,  Much Ado About Nothing is less of a tragic and more of a comedy compared to Othello, the characters in the films have characteristics that stand out. As shown between both lead female characters Hero and Desdemona. Both characters are put into a position where they are shown as unfaithful to the men in their lives. Desdemona gets killed for being portrayed as an unfaithful spouse and gets murdered for it. Compared to Hero whose name is cleared and is not shown as unfaithful anymore. Also, in both plays Shakespeare has the men questioning their lovers affectionate for them. You see this where they both betray their trust for Hero and Desdemona. Additionally, you see multiple differences between both films, which include the audience Shakespeare attends to reach. Othello is portrayed as a tragedy  which does not appeal to people who like comedies. How ever, Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy which appeals to people who like non tragedy funny plays. Although in Much Ado About Nothing most might see the play as a romantic story it’s not. The play is a funny twist off of a comedy. Most of the film may seem like love is in the air but the love is more funny than romantic. The love between Claudio and Hero is laughable in the sense that the lovers never have had a single conversation until their wedding day. Also, The love between Beatrice and Benedick is funny in a different way, they highly dislike each other so much that it makes them like each other more. Compared to Othello which is a tragedy. The genre of tragedy is obviously shown throughout the death of Roderigo and Desdemona. The genre helps make Othello the play it is, without the theme of betrayal and the deaths in the play Othello would just be a play of unfaithfulness. Furthermore, Shakespeare petrays the genres very well and in detail in both plays to help the reader or audience to make a connection to Shakespeare’s mind while he wrote both plays. In both films the actor Kenneth Branagh is a major character who portrays the characters in a outstanding performance. Branagh is the villain Iago in the play Othello in which he acts sneaky,devious, and a back stabber. Compared in Much Ado About Nothing he acted funny and humorous. Although he played two completely different parts he did an excellent job to make the play come to life in a film version. Which was not shown with other actors in both films, Other actors made the film not feel as real and genuine compared to how Branagh did in Othello and Much Ado About Nothing. In both films they should have had actors that portrayed traits such as funny, sneaky, devious, serious, confidence, intelligence and energy. Furthermore, Shakespeare’s plays Othello and Much Ado About Nothing had many differences, similarities, genres, and exquisite actors. From differences the genres as well as themes. Many similarities such as unfaithfulness to actors. But, both films have been portrayed excellently to the original plays written by Shakespeare. These are many reasons as of why both films Othello and Much Ado About Nothing compared and had differences which will always be shown throughout both plays.