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He travelled widely in Europe and the USA between the years 1950-58. Settling down more or less as a journalist and art critic, Malik, like Nissim Ezekiel, contributed frequently to general and political magazines thereby establishing a relation­ship between the poets and the editors of such journals. But as Bruce King has pointed out, Indian English poetry as it gained recognition seems to have moved away from political culture towards “other newly emerging modern arts such as painting, drama, film and cultural journalism, which appeal to the educated affluent professional classes of modern urban India”.

This trend is reflected both in the poetry of those poets and the type of magazines to which they contribute.

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Keshav Malik has six volumes of poetry, The Lake Surface and Other Poems (1959), Rippled Shadow (1960), Poems Ñ (1971), Negatives (1982), Shapes in Peeling Plaster (1985) and has also edited a few anthologies like 19 Poets: An Anthology (1981) and Centre and Circumference (1984).

Malik was the editor of Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature for a few years till his retirement in 1984.