Because including social entrepreneurship, and creation or extension

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of both entrepreneurship and international business, researchers have drawn upon theories and frameworks from international business, entrepreneurship, anthropology, economics, psychology, finance, marketing, and sociology.

It is clear that the domain of international entrepreneurship is rich in opportunity. Since the field is broad, there are many interesting research questions to be explored, and many existing theories may be beneficially employed. Opportunities for both multidisciplinary and multicountry collaborations are visible.

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The discipline has also become important because of the academic interest generated by various journals, such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business, Journal of International Business Studies, and the Journal of International Entrepreneurship.

International entrepreneurship, thus, includes: comparisons of entrepreneurial behaviour in multiple countries and cultures, individual, group and organisation behaviour that extends across national borders, including social entrepreneurship, and creation or extension of new enterprise.