These the organization, as unskilled labour is

These are known as human resources development (HRD) functions, which are designed to enable existing human resources to learn activities for their effective functioning in the present jobs, future identifiable jobs and so also for future undefined jobs.

To increase the importance of human resources, it is now imperative for all organizations to retain the manpower and at the same time recruit and select the best possible talents in the country. Most of the organizations are now facing technological changes, resulting in radical change in the recruitment process.

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Such a technological change, inter alia, calls for hiring manpower having higher skills and knowledge, which were so far not available. However, when we consider the recruitment of manpower for unskilled jobs, there seem to be no apparent problem for the organization, as unskilled labour is abundantly available in our country for obvious high rate of unemployment. For high technology employees, i.e., mostly those who are in the managerial positions with professional skills, the recruitment function is more complex and dynamic.