Short Speech on How Make School Life More Interesting

No wonder Tagore advocated the philosophy of naturalism for school education in the serene bucolic surroundings of Santiniketan at Bolpur. That would also instil a love for nature in the minds of the students. The campus should house rare trees which would also fight pollution naturally and provide clean air to breathe.

Modem education needs a blending of traditional and contemporary resources. We cannot deny the role of technology in today’s world. A large computer room equipped with all relevant digital resources would be a great treat for school students. Use of technology should also encompass screening of films and documentaries for students wherever applicable and whenever possible. Theory is an undeniable part of education but the emphasis of modern-day education should be more on practical and vocational training, or else the implementation of theoretical learning would remain an impossible dream.

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My school should have better sports infrastructure consisting of a large gymnasium, football fields, and basketball and volleyball courts, among other things. Sports will aid students to unwind and concentrate on their studies. I would also lower the teacher-student ratio substantially in my school, so that students can get greater individual attention from their teachers.

The school curriculum should undergo a sea change so that it becomes more effective for students in the long run. The interests of the students should be constantly monitored to keep a tap on their inherent potentialities. Students should be better equipped with various skills of life along with conventional academic pursuits.

I would also like my school to enter into exchange programmes with schools from outside the state, as well as outside the country. Participation in such programmes would pave the way for greater socio-cultural awareness. My students would not only do charity but also intermingle with students in the same age group studying in rural schools. That would instil social tolerance and acquaint them with the realities of life.

It would also aid the students to discard their parochial visions and become part of a larger world consisting of social and economic inequalities. In order to make learning more fun, I would do away with the examination system, at least till Class 6. In the subsequent classes I would prefer a grading mode of evaluation so that students are not unduly stressed with the burden of academics.

In today’s world these changes are absolutely essential to produce more tolerant and capable global citizens. With the implementation of these changes I am more than optimistic about the future of the learning process in my school. All these activities would go hand in hand to infuse a much-needed life in academics and make the art of learning a lot more fun.