The of ordinary Indians are made to experience

The city is an interesting place. You have crimes of infinite variety— bank robbery, murder, car crash, theft… If the perpetrators of these crimes were to feel a constant fear of some invisible body that could at any time pounce upon them, it would be very satisfying to me. Let those who hunt feel the fear of being hunted! I would not kill them at once. I like to go slow. It is important that the sinner feels the pain he has caused to others. Not just to the man or woman he has victimised, but to his/her family and friends as well.

So it can be a slow traumatic experience for some corrupt minister when he finds himself suffering because of extremely painful pinches all over the body for a whole week. Even the shower in the bathroom should be a traumatic experience for him. He should understand how the flood victims in the villages felt when he gave them no help other than promises.

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If he visited a psychiatrist for help, I would pull his hair violently during his conversation with the doctor. He would stare helplessly, his face grimacing with intolerable pain and humiliation. These are emotions that millions of ordinary Indians are made to experience every day. Such lackadaisical and corrupt leaders are responsible for this grim situation.

My attempts to right the wrong shall not respect any limitations. I shall go wherever I can help the common mass of toiling, suffering humanity. The supreme value of non-violence is meant for human beings, not bestial creatures. I cannot express the joy I shall feel when I embarrass an eve-teaser. He shall never know what brought his trousers down! Can you imagine the sight of a police officer being dragged away from a five-hundred rupee note offered by a truck driver? HG Wells would be happy if his invisible man confronts corruption in society.