Short Speech on “Me or Myself”

When we are talking, is it ‘me, myself’ talking, or am I parroting the words of another I have not yet made my own? When I am carrying out an act, is it ‘me, myself’ doing it, or am I performing it under the compulsion of forces—psychological, social, political, or whatever—that I am too weak to resist?

Much of our sense of fulfilment derives from our pride at being exceptional in some way—in spite of all our sameness.

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Of course, ‘Me, myself’ can be perversely interpreted—it can well be turned into the motto of an egomaniac who is quite willing to bring about another’s downfall to secure his own ends. Such a person can perhaps become powerful, but he can never become happy and, at the personal level, what good is power without that happiness? It is like being fitted with the finest clothes, but only after one is quite dead!

‘Me, myself’ should not be applied in the narrow sense of the term. The self must expand itself in serving the world and the larger society. Therein lies the triumph of the self. That’s when one can quietly be triumphant and take humble pride in being ‘Me, myself’.