Stanza 1: This stanza pictures the adolescent stage with its abundance, gaiety and freedom as also a “giant pride”. The lines are reminiscent of Wordsworth’s reference to his early boyhood years in his The Prelude.

Erratic guide: Refers obviously to the animal instincts and impulses of boyhood years.

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Stanza 2: This stanza depicts a period of maturity and responsibility.

Scarred ship: This refers evidently to a life full of adventures and struggle. The stanza is full of ship images.

Stanza 3: This stanza depicts that stage of life when man loses him­self in a state of inaction and pensive brooding.

“Decrepit easy chair is the twentieth century version of Wordsworth’s couch. The expression bears Eliot’s influence” (Harimohan Prasad)

Stanza 4: This is the final stage of man’s life when he is blessed with a revelation which helps him understand his place in the scheme of things and realizes that he is part of a grand order which marks the life a Tree. The Tree again is but a symbol of the life of nature.