There moon, stars, mountains, valleys through the

There would have been many theories of evolution of life which have been talked about in great books and encyclopedias but this poem carries a very simple yet unique styling of explaining evolution.

The title “The Creation” is catchy and bounds the reader to read how the earth was created and how life evolved. The poem reads like a fantasy story but it is one that evokes the imagination and enlightens the human mind to actually value its existence on this wonderful creation of God.

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The reader experiences bliss and extreme joy like a kid in reading the entire poem which flows in a very mesmerizing way. Anyone who reads the poem can visualize the creation of the sun, moon, stars, mountains, valleys through the eyes of the God who created it all.

God has come out as a humanly figure bestowed with powers and wisdom as well a very fine artistic sense to check his creation before bringing it to final shape. Flashing of the lightening in the dark sky has been symbolized as batting of the eyes of God and rolling thunders are compared with clapping of hands which make the whole scene of creation even more vivid and spelling cast.

Everything that lead to the evolution of man is so sequential and it happened in such a organized manner though the poem talks of no planning by God when he began the creation.

The seven seas spat out, the green grass sprouting and red flowers blossoming make the creation process even more picturesque and lively. The mystic powers of the creator are evident in the ease and convenience that the God waves his hand over the land and the sea to bring in life forms like fishes, fowls, birds, animals and all other life forms that were present when life evolved. The sense of achievement and satisfaction that God seeks in his creation is projected when he exclaims “That’s Good!”

The fact that God’s creation was incomplete without human being is beautifully explained by saying that the loneliness of the creator did not go away until God decide to make a man. His pondering is symbolic of the fact that human life was granted with much thought and through a wisely designed mould to bring man to this earth.