Should a daily basis to suppress crime. But

Should UK police be Armed  In many police forces in different countries around the world, Crime is met with armed police in which they use for suppression. In countries such as the United states of America in which police are issued and armed with weapons on a daily basis to suppress crime. But recently American police have come under fire from both the media and the public due the so called “police brutality” which recently has been in the media due to the members of the public being killed in shooting incidents by members of the police which has caused a lot of up storm in America. With many media outlets dubbing American police as “trigger happy cops”  In the UK police are not armed regular but they have a special armed division with in the police force. In which they are specially trained and handpicked through application process which goes through their records to make sure they are capable of handling a firearm.  While regular police officers are only armed with a baton and pepper spray to defend them self’s. While most UK armed police almost never use their weapons only a few in the last 3 years UK armed police have only fatally shot two people. While in American there has been over 695 fatal shootings as of 2017 which shows there is a massive contrast between the UK and American police.  Within the UK they are calls to armed police due to the recent terrorist attacks within the UK and Europe but there are many arguments against it. As arming UK police would not make a difference to threats towards the UK or keeping the public safe. As it may have a negative effect on the population as on August the 4th 2011 Mark Duggan was shot dead by the police which sparked massive riots across England in major cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool. The four officers were investigated in relation to the incident and it was speculated “in leaks from official sources to The Times newspaper” that the firearms officer would be cleared of any wrongdoing on the basis that he had “an honest-held belief that he was in imminent danger of him or his colleagues being shot”. This been said it shows that armed police can make mistakes in which the it can have an effect on the population. In recent years police uniforms in the UK have been moving towards a more “American style”. As most police forces in the UK have “ditched” the white shirt and tie. In favor for a black style polo shirt and stab vest. Which some people view them as being less approachable and sometimes less willing to cooperate. As the traditional “bobby” has died out in the UK and with the police looking like members of the military. It can be seen as negtive view of the UK police froce    In France and Germany where their police forces are armed around the clock but It did not stop many terrorist attacks. Such as the Paris attacks and when “Anis Amri” driven a truck into a Christmas market at high speed in Germany. These are examples that armed police do not always stop threats or protect the public. As well as the examples from Europe UK public opinion about armed police is mixed but many who are against it would rather not have armed police because many would see officers being less approachable. As they would feel intimidated by the officers thus not trusting them or seeing them as an equal member of society. But many support having intelligent and confident specialized armed response officers that have been trained. Rather than giving weapons to all officers because not all officers are physically and psychologically able to use a firearm or using it live without having guilt of using it. Unlike America many people in the in the UK would not want the “trigger happy cops” because the loss life and the lengthy investigation process would be looked down on by members of the public and the media as well as Government officials.  Training and arming UK police would put a huge strain on the force. As taking resources  from other areas where they need them the most for daily protection for the public would be crippling. Especially in deprived areas where crime is rampant and the public of those areas need protection. With recent budget cuts to the police force and the low number of police officers leaving many forces across the country with  low man power. Training firearms all officers to handle firearms would be crippling. As there are not enough training facilities and to train the 122,859 police officers as it would be impossible to fund and manage. Most UK senior officers have not been fire armed trained and there are not enough instructors   In conclusion Arming UK police would be likely a bad idea. As lack of funding and trained instructors, public support and examples in Europe of recent attacks and with the “trigger happy cops” in America which has caused public opinion to go against armed police in both the UK and USA. It would be a terrible decision to make for the police and the public.