There the dependent and independent population need

There is no doubt that the population needs to be controlled and by various ways this can be made possible. We see that mainly the rapid population growth is seen in the rural parts of the world and this is mainly because of lack of awareness so the first step is to educate people about environment and population. Within this they need to learn about contraceptives. Also the women of these rural parts need to be uplifted so that their interest isn’t just on making a family.

So the government has to play the lead role in helping to make a success in this massive movement. Not only has the growth, the ratio between males and females needs to be also controlled. Similarly the ratio of the dependent and independent population need to be watched as the imbalance can lead to an economic failure within the country. If the dependent population is high then the government will have a hard time supporting its people whereas if the independent population is high then there will be unemployment.

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If the population isn’t managed properly then many problems will arise specially regarding the environment. Already there is a lot of pressure on mother earth and the resource which are the base of human civilization are depleting at an alarming rate. With the increasing population the people are having to face shortage of water like in Nepal, shortage and increasing price of food which is mostly all over except in Europe and the hiking prices of petroleum prices all over the world is creating a lot of problem for all.

The fertility of the soil is also declining making it difficult to grow food and turning cultivable land into deserts. The rates of crime and violence also will increase as the day to day survival will get tougher and level of competition gets higher and higher. Ignoring such an issue now can craft an even worse problem in the years to come, so the government has to work on getting to the core of the problem and help solve it before it get worse. So even if the population needs to be increased decreased or redistributed it needs to be done as soon as possible.