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Smart Sustainable cities
Interior Design with Sustainability BA Hons

Atousa Ghoreishi
Critical Report, Winter 2017
Why sustainable cities?

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A sustainable city is a city that is taking a smart, long-term collaborative approach to tools the economic, social and environmental challenges that appear when more and more people come together in compact, dense areas, pull already scarce resources. In another word, sustainable cities brings the building blocks for modify humanity into a low carbon economy with improving socio-economic benefits, as citizens by given access to services and opportunities to raise their quality of life and investment outlook. The worldwide population is set to raise more than nine billion people by 2050 and seventy percent of them will live in cities, according by the United Nations. At the same time, information and communication of technology is making bigger its extend, with the expectation that fifty billion devices will join by 2020. 

There is a great potential for information and communication of technology to be an enabler for sustainable economic, environmental and social development in cities. To design a sustainable future is not just a choice but also it has become essential. Sustainable design is about reducing the environmental footprint, it is about doing as little as possible to achieve as much as possible. 
But also let’s not forget that sustainability is not just about buildings but could also happen at all scales from products and infrastructures to buildings and cities. It’s a major that the next stage of Architects and Designers in Dubai are able to design at all different scales to grow a dissimilar of solutions, which is necessary if we are here to deliver for a greater quality of life.

Abu Dhabi
First of all, for a city to be sustainable it must to environ the three main keys of sustainability: Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability. In the final analysis the key aim of any sustainable city should be supply residents and workers with gains of the quality of life together with the lowest environmental steps. A good sustainable city is the one city where people like to live, work and visit. MASDAR city in Abu Dhabi have each of these standards. Another example is Dubai sustainable city which is more sustainable measuring system and has finished in 2016. 
Dubai, also recently has made more public plans for extra sustainable schemes such as the Desert Rose, 14,000-hectare smart city supposed to lodge 20,000 plots for Emiratis and will cost 20 billion AED to be done and build. There is a pattern appearance  from these evolutions the United Arab Emirates is already come out as a worldwide leader in sustainability. This design became more and more evident, after Dubai recently set marks for itself to turn one of the most sustainable cities by 2020. 

Baharash Architecture was selected out of the well known group universal firms invited for a design contest for an outstanding master plan concept for the phase 2 of Dubai sustainable city. The power of seeing the city surround three main columns of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. The master plan is technically very careful, exceeding the best rehearse in environmental construct technologies go with buildings organisation and original architectural typologies of the landscape and land use that have consequence an excellent economic viability. The city supplies very high edge of social interaction between focusing first and foremost on strong community links and environmental stewardship.
Contests entries were be given from USA, Lebanon, Jordan, UK, and UAE. The overall city was Master Planned by an Australian planning firm. The city was then divided into two phases, with the phase 2 work incorporate in this universal Competition design.
Phase 2 of Dubai Sustainable City to be composed of a Mixed Use Zone, A Juma Mosque, an Institute for Ecological Engineering also a museum & planetarium, a “Green” School for primary and of course an Eco-Resort Hotel, Country Club and Equestrian Centre.
Dubai Sustainable City will be the first suburban community of its kind in Dubai and is suppose to meet the highest environmental standards by embrace a sustainable proceed towards in its search to become a geographical leader in economic tourism and worldwide environmental defence. 

Elements of MASDAR
Components of Dubai Sustainable City and Facilities


A 30 – meter wide buffer zone separated the Sustainable City. This greenbelt of 2500 trees generates a significant ecological natural element and gives to bring down air and noise pollution. The trees are in ordered into three layers, up to 10 meters high. The first skin of trees is used mostly for noise and dust increase, and gives shadows for the horse path. The second skin gives shadows on the cycle path, while the third skin is part of the city’s prolific landscape. The 4km roundtrip horse path is barriers and reachable to residents and gusts. Managed by The Sustainable City Equestrian Club, the horse path gives a attractive outfall for pleasure and  fitness in the city. The 4km roundtrip cycle path is unconnected from the carriageway by a bios wale which gather and  sifters storm water runoff thereby recharging the groundwater table. The carriageway is covered with interlock pavers to let for some permeability for storm water. The suburban side of the carriageway has a 5km rubberised slowly path to motivates an active lifestyle.


The Sustainable City Equestrian Centre will give residents the standards of riding classes from 3years of age to adults up to the halfway level. The centre will give 30-minute lessons for novices and 45-minute for medians.The centre will have 32 well-schooled Arabian, pure breed and mix-breed horses. Well skilled in structors and up skill brush will look after not only the horses but also the younger beginners on the lead restraint.
The Equestrian Centre would also give After School Club to schools in Dubai, which would cover over half an hour of firm administration and half an hour horse riding. The new provision will offer trail rides down with the four kilometre sand path, every day pony rides and carriage services for wedding service, birthday parties and even photo shoots.


The Sustainable City consist of 5suburban bunch, housing which in total of 500 villas. Attach to the Central Green Spine that gives the length of the City, each bunch consists of 90 Courtyard Villas, 8 Garden and 2 Signature villas. Each bunch is named after a type of palm date tree.
The L-shaped two storey villas also would mach ergonomic distraction with contemporary scheme to meet the highest environmental show standards, not have the understanding on a charming living space. The third and top floor would gives an enough roof terrace, much of which is shaded by the homes self effacing solar panels. This area is perfect for diverting and relaxing, especially in Dubai’s winter times.


The Sustainable Plaza would cover  a 15,000-square metre mixed-use area, find near the entrance of The Sustainable City. It consist of 5low-rise group with shops, restaurants, cafes, of offices and apartments available for rental spin from studios to 1 or 2 bedrooms.
The main key of the retail area is to gives enough services to the public to support their families, whilst suppling the aims of provision to earn other residents in the Dubai land area to make the most of use, thereby securing an extra salary for the
general public.


The Mosque would give the house 700 worshippers and is planed combine original technologies to keep down the energy and water devouring.
This state of the art mosque is highly wrap, covered with LED lighting and is cooled using high organisation AC systems.
The mosque is covered with solar water heating systems and uses water organisation covered and  fix appliance. All water from the mosque’s ablution area is pile up and serve using the city’s grey water behaviour towards provision.


With The Sustainable City Junior Innovation Centre, Diamond Developers points to give an casual academic environment that gives for schools in the UAE to take a dissimilar approach when teaching students about the environmental difficulties the world is seeing. The Junior Innovation Centre will be a single and original practical centre with an in depth heart on sustainability and an thrill and various  mixture of indoor and outdoor hands on activities and expeditions. This is all about getting children, young people, and adults to see the brand new choices for their future.

Hotel INDIGO  

In its search to become a geographical leader in eco-tourism and worldwide environmental defence, Hotel Indigo, housed inside The Sustainable City, will be a net zero energy structure where 100 percent of its energy requires will be meet by solar power. 
The Hotel architecture would give a low rise, self effacing design which snuggles exquisitely inside The Sustainable City’s costly leave. All waste water manufacture by the hotel will be reuse, and all material waste will be sorted at spring and then reuse to meet the highest environmental, social and commercial sustainability standards.


The sustainable city club is a world class wellness station consist of two main keys: Rehabilitation Centre and Sports Complex, that will work for the community.
The sports complex will also have a gym, sauna and jacuzzi and tennis and basketball courts, outdoor fitness stations and also cycling and jogging paths. The green energy rehabilitation hospital is the first of its kind in the MENA region, as well as the first to offer medical tourism packages for all exceptional requires, disable and autistic children for the entire district and will have 30 inpatient bed provision to loge All paediatric special needs medical treatment, while the outpatient facility will be the largest medical provision for physiotherapy, advanced rehabilitation, and the most advanced hydrotherapy structures in the MENA region.

The Sustainable City is structure an universal school, which will reassessment teaching and learning environments. The school will set a quality for world class education that combine sustainability in all its forms into and out of high academic qualities and original teaching applications.
The school will come behind a educational program  that will addition the continuing-minded sustainable model of The Sustainable City. The school will give a teaching that fix a love of learning, an gratefulness of green living at the same time as growing well rounded, globally intelligence, creative issue solvers.
   MASDAR neighbourhood
Strong progress on construction of major new MASDAR City development
• Driverless PRT network to be temporarily closed during infrastructure works
• Expanded shuttle service will ensure no transport disruption within City
MASDAR City, one of the world’s most sustainable city developments that is meeting its strong forward movement on the building of MASDAR organisations neighbourhood, a capital mixed-use growth of offices, residential, retail and public open space which is aim for achievement by 2020.
This project, which is part of the most intensive period of enlargement in MASDAR City’s history, will link the centre MASDAR city with the North Car Park, supplying more than 100,000 square metres of new process.
MASDAR City’s iconic electric-powered driverless Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network, which runs between the North Car Park and the Podium, will be temporarily suspended. Alternative means of transportation will be provided for the duration of the closure.
The MASDAR organisations Neighbourhood is the biggest new process which currently underway in this City and building work is forward movement very well, so people are very excited about the extra facility this will bring. This phase of the enlargement means that they need to close the PRT for the time being, following seven years of constant operation in which it has moved more than 2 million passengers. They would also have made a careful delivery to make sure that there is no disruption for people within the City.
During the temporary closure of the PRT, MASDAR would also continue to work with industry partners to work on the next phase of its independent mobility network, which was known during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. The extension will operate at the same time the existing PRT and cover a 1-kilometre route, with two new stops linking MASDAR Institute, the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the recently announced “My City Centre MASDAR” shopping mall. MASDAR; green city or ghost city ?
10 Years of Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Ambition
When the MASDAR first step was informed 10 years ago, it was address by a mix of satisfaction and suspicion. But MASDAR also has a clean technology investment capital of a renewable energy enlargement and deployment category, a foundation that would offer out millions in force to scale clean energy development and social undertaking worldwide and while not actually inside the MASDAR planning, its organisations, a degree holder school that has an progress cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
But most reporter focused on this City, which had ambitious goals bearing in mind no other project like this exists on Earth. But before MASDAR could even open in 2010, plans were hold back during the worldwide financial critical point of 2008-2009, while which the nearby emirate of Dubai needed a deliver that whole into the decades of billions of dollars. Abu Dhabi agreed to give Dubai an investment lifeline, but that would mean some projects, including this City, would have to be on hold.
A city that was at the begging attacked for achievement by this year had its long term finish date force back to 2030, a resolve which set free lot of disapproval. Ideas such as a car free, zero carbon community with autonomous cars shuffling workers, visitors and residents under the city were put to the other side, because they were either impossible plans or not financially workable. MASDAR’s team tasked with progress the city had to focus and think about the city’s overall master plan. This city had to be as sustainable as possible, but also had to turn commercially workable. The risk in making the city as the first planned, and wishing that the people and businesses would come, most that it would have likely turned in an empty city. So as a replacement, MASDAR get used to the market real life, and delivered out sections of the city for process one section at a time, with the states that developers keep alive a certain building rating.
In general, the company says buildings in this city are about 40 percent more water- and energy-efficient than comparable to the existing buildings in Abu Dhabi.
For the time being, the company focused on arranging its marked economic zone in order to pul clean technology sets and other companies to this city. From 50 companies in 2012, then 200 companies in 2014, that number is now over 360.
About 10 years ago, few companies, or residents, would have wanted to locate at this city, as it really was in the middle of nowhere. But Abu Dhabi has grown far behind the original island on which it was establish, Abu Dhabi International Airport is in the middle of a massive expansion and Jebel Ali, now a big business centre in Dubai, is only a 45-minute drive away. This city not only has the chance to become a large business and economic centre, but with more shops and restaurants, it could also become the relaxation centre of what is best tells as suburban Abu Dhabi.
But as some visitors would say, you cannot call a place a “city” if no one lives there and a fair point as the only residents had been the students in the accommodations at MASDAR Institute.
So while all eyes will continue to zoom on MASDAR City’s growth, it is very important to remind that the company is still embarking on renewable energy investment efforts across the world. While some of this city projects, such as the London Array seaward wind power process, are massive, many make an effort to increase energy access in some of the world’s poorest countries, from Egypt to Afghanistan to the South Pacific. All this activity is going on regardless of recording low oil prices, which have been ruin for government budgets throughout the region. If anything, the criticism of this city has motivated its staff to do what they can to help succeed in Abu Dhabi’s goal of becoming a city in 2030 to a very great  unrecognisable from what it is today.