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Some historical forces going back to the 1700s and 1800s that inform Osama Bin Laden’s worldview include the formation of Wahhabism and the Sepoy Mutiny. Wahhabism originated in the 1700s in Arabia. The founder of Wahhabism was Muhammad Ibn Abdal-Wahhab. Wahhabists wanted a revival of a more strict, severe and pure Islam. They believed the state, government, should be an expression of the Islamic law based on the Sharia. On the other hand, the Sepoy Mutiny took place in India in 1857. The Sepoys were Indian soldiers for the British army. The Sepoy Mutiny was the first organized resistance to British colonialism in India. During the Sepoy Mutiny, some Muslims called for a Jihad–which means struggling or striving for an honorable goal. Schools, called Madrasas, were founded to teach authentic Islam. Osama’s references to “80 years” alludes to the Balfour declaration of 1917. The Balfour declaration was a statement issued by the British in support of the Zionist movement. Zionism was the idea that Jews from around the world should return to their ancestral homeland in Palestine. The Arab Muslims had conquered Palestine from the Romans, so it lawfully belonged to them. For the British to decide to give away Palestine, as a refugee state, to the Jewish mad the Arab Muslims angry because the British had no right to give away that did not belong to them. Osama in his speech, “Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head…” makes mention of the locations “Jenin, Ramallah, Rafah, Beit Jalla.” These were Islamic territories in which Osama invalidly placed blame on the United States for not being able to stop Israeli tanks from destroying its people’s properties. The truth is the United States had tried their best to stop the damages the Israeli army had done to the Islamic territories mentioned above. But the Israeli army also had proper justifications that validated their actions against these Islamic territories. These justifications included that some of the buildings in the Islamic regions of “Jenin, Ramallah, Rafah, Beit Jalla” were illegally built by non-Israeli citizens without a proper building permit and some served as a hideout for gunmen.In his speech, Osama wanted to declare to the whole western world that the 9/11 attack on the United States was rightfully Justifiable. He wanted people to empathize with him and understand his point of view or motivations for attacking the United States. For Osama Bin Laden and Arab Muslims, the United States is a country filled with infidels and hypocrites who deserved to be punished for the crimes they have perpetrated against other nations, such as the bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed thousands of Japanese citizen. He believed that since no one in the world wanted to hold the United States liable for the crimes it has committed against other nations, especially the Islamic nation, it was his duty to punish the United States and defend the Muslim community worldwide. He revealed that the main reason for attacking the United States was because of the perceived religious inequality and intolerable acts they committed against the Muslims. The 9/11 attack was to serve as a warning to all the nations of the world, especially the United States of America, to leave the governing of Palestine to the Arabs Muslims who rightfully own the land that was given to the Jews–Israel.According to Osama Bin Laden, believers are people who practice the Islamic religion or any devout Muslim. While infidels are people from the rest of the world who are not Muslims or do not practice the Islamic religion who continuously segregate against Muslims and treat them unjustly. One way the so-called infidels and believers can mediate between their perspectives and goals is by holding a council to draw up a compromise for both sides. In order for both sides to hold a council to agree on the compromises to be made, they have to cease with the incessant violent. In the compromise, the so-called infidels have to understand that it is very hypocritical to try to end terrorism with violent. One violent act begets many violent acts. Violent brings a lot of pain and it doesn’t help anything, rather it only helps plant the seeds of hatred in the future generations. At the same time, the believers should try to understand that terrorism does not help them accomplish anything. Yes, terrorism will help bring them the attention they require, but everyone will hate them and many governments will try to find any means possible to completely eradicate them. The best solution is for both sides to find a common ground to agree. Yes, it will be difficult, but I believe the Arabic Muslims can learn to assimilate and learn more about the cultures of the people around them and how to interact with them. In the same way, although it might seem impossible, everybody who is not a Muslim can learn to understand and tolerate the Muslims and their beliefs. Life is all about compromises and over the centuries many compromises have been made to help keep the world a safer place for future generations.