Heroin, forms of feel good capsules is extremely

Heroin, cannabis, cocaine, marijuana are household names today for the wrong reasons. Taking such banned drugs is a punishable offence; hence drug peddlers often devise their own surreptitious, ways of reaching to the target masses. Injecting drugs through syringes can often lead to fatal infections like HIV.

Drugs do not provide a solution to any problem of life. On the contrary, they aggravate them further. Problems can only be solved by a realistic acceptance of the situation and taking concrete steps to correct them. Friends, counsellors and well-wishers should be asked for help whenever required.

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Drug addiction can also occur via prescribed drugs. Addiction to anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, or other forms of feel good capsules is extremely common today. Realities of life must be faced headlong. One must not rim away from them. Seeking sanctuary in drugs can give relief for a brief span of time but for survival in the long run one needs to build on his/her inner strength to take on the challenges of life.