Speech on “My interaction with a Raindrop”

As these thoughts flashed across my mind, I sensed a coolness in the breeze. The wind gradually gained momentum and was initially dusty. It is a strange sight when all of a sudden the north­western announces its arrival. It takes everyone by surprise. From the terrace, I watched the bustle of activity on the streets below. The air had by now become even cooler—an inevitable prelude to the impending rainfall for which the entire city was waiting eagerly and impatiently.

Darkness gradually engulfed the city and stray flashes of thunder roared across the sky; still there was no sign of rain. Then big isolated drops started to fall around me. The first drop on my body created a strange sensation. It seemed to get sucked into my skin, as if announcing the thirst of the parched soul.

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The initial drops evoke a strange sensation, more so, as they come after a long await and bring much-needed relief. As a large raindrop fell on my palm, I looked at it closely. It was a symbol of hope and optimism, and even though more drops starting falling from the sky, the sensation of the first drop remained eternised in my memory. There can be no better form of rejuvenation as compared to one that comes from nature.