Speech on the 13th Floor (460 Words)

Post dinner, I sit out in the balcony, admiring the twinkling valley. Do I feel my relaxed heart suddenly knock against my ribs as I try to fathom the depth of the valley below? The clouds suddenly appear to eclipse the queen of the night sky. I feel a presence beside myself. Who’s there? Nobody! There was a power cut. I walk back into the room and bump against a small stool.

I shut the door and get used to the room illuminated by the faint moonbeams filtering through the curtains. I do not feel comfortable and decide that the moonlight in the balcony is better company. I move towards the balcony crossing a…lady…in my mirror? Cold drops of sweat gather on my forehead as I discover, to my horror, the very object of my pursuit, the unknown.

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I walk back to discover none but myself in the mirror. I turn around and freeze at the sight of a lady in white staring at me. Her eyes are not the frightening eyes of the ghost in horror movies! She’s so human! So charming! Those beautiful eyes draw me towards her. She walks towards the spacious openness of the balcony bathed in moon-beams. Who is that young man following her, as if mesmerised by some divine melody? She floats out into the air holding the young man’s hand. The man disappears from the balcony and goes down into the darkness of the valley, his scream drowned by the varied sounds of the night forest.

I still remain in the room, my body having been lost somewhere in that dark forest valley. It’s lonely out here since the lady floated out! Want to come to see me on the 13th floor?